Sunday, 28 January 2007

Good morning to one and all on this bright and well creeping out from behind the clouds Sunday morning...well have just finished tidying up a bit as DD and SIl round for dinner latter on today..was going to do a roast but then thought no will do Maryland chicken from one of Jamie Olivers books...its so lushouse...chicken breasts stuff with sliced banana wrapped in streaky bacon or pancetta, put on a bed of fresh sweetcorn and lashings of cream them baked. served with creamy mash and carrots simmered down w3ith butter and veg stock....yummy!!! For dessert going to make some lovely mincemeat pinwheels with lashings of custard.
But before then me and DH o going to take pooch for a walk and get a bit of fresh air, this sinus thingy is now into its eighth week with me and doing my head in...just feel this pressure and hum in my ear and head all the time, it really has been a rotten germ'virus as everyone knows.

So heres picture of latest finished socks, very pleased as did them in garnia drops alpaca at £2.25 a 50g ball and toke Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingjust over one and a bit on 3 balls you would get 2 at a total cost of £6.75 thats pretty good going.

Friday, 26 January 2007

Well it knitted!

Well would you believe it, thought I would try and knit up a bit of my first tried bit of spinning and it knit up...ok its still a mess but the proccess worked. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

First try!

Totally pathetic you can see this mess is what I managed to produce thick/thin slubby yeuch yarn, theres me thinking its easy and its not, the video's etc I have watched made it look so. Now feel really disheartened and to top it all don't know if I even like doing it....but at the same time am very intrigued as to the processes etc. Was quite funny really, yesterday kept having a go then putting it down, tried to get on with WIP's and there it sat looking at me pulling me in to give to another go and so thats how I spent yesterday afternoon and the spindle won. So heres the MESS!!!!!!!!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Drop spindle!!!

So last night with some trepidation there was I all excited to have my very first go at this spindling lark.....reads instructions etc slowly and surely here we go.......what the result was a tangled mess that looked like elastic...ok me thinks read it again and again and again....still tangled mess thats like elastic. So toke book to bed....hubbys ZZZZZ's next to me, feet cold so warm them up on him, he wakes slightly.....your feet are bleeping cold he muses. Me engrossed in book. It says do this do that, yep ok so will have another go later on today and hopefully will start to get somewhere, maybe this time bulky spun yarn which I will welcome as a beginner rather than a seeming length of elasticated wool. I have an idea whilst writing this as to where I am going wrong.... (funny when writing things down and the puzzle starts to fit).
Have found a local guild for spinning weaving etc so think will give them a go, must say am feeling a bit depleted at the mo as asking myself why on earth do I want to do this when there is so much lovely yarn out there for anyway.

So have just come back from hairdressers after having my roots done, and at the moment am trying to grow my why is it that everytime he cuts, he takes off a tad more than I ask for ggrrrr. It is soo annoying, every hairdresser that I have gone to has done this, you see my hair is naturally curly and when wet seems longer than is when dry...but at least the worrying grey is covered up for now. Well 5/6 weeks...hehe. All for now ta ta x.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Sooo excited.

Lovely postmen just knocked and looky my drop spindle kit......really good value from Twist Fibre Craft Studio £9.00 plus £2.50pp. Cannot wait to get started and start to learn......but slowly does it to get it right...Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

DH socks finished..

Phew, these were a slog. Done in Regia 6 ply, ringels. So he had comfy tootsies last night.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

White Stuff!!

Oh yes...well pleased we have had some white pretty for now anyway, no doubt it will dissappear in a few hours. Never stays for long down south now, not like my childhood, six foot snow drifts and Dad opening front door to a wall of snow that had to shovel through and the ice used to be 4inches thick on the pavements, ah memories.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tuesday, 23 January 2007


Dark colours, must mean am in a dark mood, hence Grrrrrr!!!!!! now do you think that with all the information on guilds for spinning etc that I would be able to find out about courses and instructions on this craft....can I eck as like...well not in this part of the country. Sussex...I think I must have googled every darn google that I eyes look like well 00 is very wearing and its taking up my knitting grrrrrrrrrrrrrrand more some.ggggggrrrrrrr.! the end.

Monday, 22 January 2007

Hi ya!!!

Well how is one and all hope you all had a good you know what pepes haven't really got that much to write rosy cheeky weekys at the mo as just had 2 yes 2 glasses of red wine with my dinner..(doesn't take muc h knowadays am such a lightweight) duh!!!!

Oh yes I know decided to go down the route of the top whorl drop spindle to start off on my spinning experience..I rang up Twisted Fibres in Fife Scotland in the end and spoke to a very nice man called Peter who was sooo helpful he didn't try to sell me a costly wheel or anything, he just pointed me in the direction that was best he said lots of people don't even bother with a wheel because they just are good at using the drop looking forward to that coming...and I suppose wasting fibre because I spink it bulky with lumps BUT nevetheless from small beginnings.

On a different note my darling Mummy who anybody who has read this blog will know has end stage altzheimers well something really strange is and has happened, she is a very poorly lady...but I hadn't seen her for nearly 5 odd weeks as had has this cold virus sinus infection that kept on coming back...anyways saw her the other day and she looks so beautiful..I know that might sound strange as shes 84 and weighs less than 5 stone is skin and bones..but she does...her skin is soo soft and her face even though shallow and aged is shining....and when she does manage to smile at me her eyes are lighting up. Even my Dad (her DH) has commented on it, it is quite surreal and also a bit unnerving in a

Weather is rather cold to put it mildy, no snow though, would love that. Have just been watching local tv where that cargo ship has run aground and people are down on the beach salvaging (well actually I would call it stealing)...I personally found it quite sickening to watch....

So thats all for now...happy knitting! xx

Saturday, 20 January 2007

West Sussex Angel Knitters

Today met up with a group of lovely fellows knitters in Lewes for a spot of lunch and a chin wag...there were 10 of us and this has been the 2nd meet. We all brought books to drool over and WIPs to view and a lovely couple of hours was had by all. Oh of course the eats were nice too.

It was funny were were all sitting there and I had to look at the waitresses as a couple of them did seem to be rather bemused by us all but it made them smile, perhaps we should have got our needles out, maybe next time wherever we are.

New Books!

Oh happy days, look what the postie brought me this morning yeuch!!!! sorry didn't like colour.....2 loverllleey new books one on folk mittens...oh you should see the pictures they're scrummy, have been after a book like this for ages and the other well "Spinning in the Old Way". Well am starting to think that maybe now the time is right for little ol' me to star spinning my own fibre. After having bought beautiful hands spun and hand dyed yarn off of this beautiful new internet world...which if hadn't had a puter wouldn't have been open to me, so would have still been buying Wendy Sirdar and Patons....boring!!!!!
So got me thinking that maybe the next stage is DIY.....SPENT OVER 4 HOURS..
yes friends 4 hours yesterday on this screen, looking, reading, digesting. Had already ordered the handspindle book, but after talking to a few people, do not know whether to go firstly with the hand spindle route or to dive straight in with a SPINNING WHEEL. So naughty me has already noted the one I like...(well actually I'm in lurve)!!!! Some say dive straight in but don't want to get it wrong and the darn thing sit in a corner glaring at me saying"come on Mrs. you bought me now use me" so the jury is out at the moment...but have posted a couple of pictures for you to looksee and any help or knowledge would be welcome.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ops bit blurred...sorry about that!

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Gales alert!!

Phew, they're not joking are they, tried walking out this morning two steps forward one back and as for the hair well, if I say naturally curly does that conjure it up for you.
So on the knitting front, things are coming on ok, decided to carry on and get first sock of shocking pink one then I'll have one of DH's done...then start on 2nd one of each, well thats in theory anyways...but have seen some lovely hats that look enticing but must be good.

On a maybe funny note I have a 5 year old cavalier king charles spaniel called Megan, now as some of you might know they are at times a bit ditty...well ours is. See the problem being that she has a problem...she thinks she's a dog (well obviously she is duh!!!) but in the sense of well..shall we say she seems slightly see she has this teddy and well she humps it !!!! stop laughing!!! he he....honestly she holds it with both pays to her front sits on her back legs and bum and
well....humps, its the funniest thing but have to tell her to stop. So thought would put a piccy of my ickle doggy.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Knitting Ages?

There's a strange thing that I have been noticing since reading loads and loads of other peoples blogs and that seems to be the age range of todays knitters which I suppose goes from young teens up to elderly...BUT?....I have noticed that the most popular age range for knitting seems to be the early 20's to mid 40's. Which maybe might explain that is why when I speak to people around 50 odd I'm 52...and try to engage them in knitting chat....they look at me as if I've just stepped off a spaceship. "What you still knit, what do you want to waste your time doing that for, gave that up years ago when the children were small"...I almost feel embarrassed to mention the subject and then I foolishly dribble on to tell them about the hand dyed and spun yarns that I buy and search for as it is lovely to find all the independant retailers out there...they go "oh lovely that's nice". BOY OH BOY do I feel patronized, so I must learn to keep "THY TRAP SHUT".


So in conclusion of the above "wot I have wrote"...I think the 50 somethings must be in hiding...come out come out wherever you are.
So with nought else to drivel on about I wish you all a fond adieu and goodnight I'm ofrt to rest my weary head on my pillow its 11.55pm...
Z's Z'sZ's.........x

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Comments back!

Tra lalallalalalalala oh what a happy bunny am I, I've had 2 comments back and it feels really nice, because one always wonders if stuff is thats just perfect "thank you". Anyways peps, its raining....and guess what Dh is home for the day and has just cleaned the windows. Now come on don't laugh its not funny, is it??

Have just found out that eldest daughter no 3 who is expecting their 3rd child, is going to have a boy, they already have two it looks like the knitting nearer the time will be blue or...or? could do a riot of colours with some sock yarn woohoo! the yarn worlds my oyster!!!!....but have other wips in progress at the mo, she's only six months so time yet.

On a different note have finished one of DH socks well me thinking I can take short cuts, decided this time not to put the PM in before I started the toe, well serves me right it is now slightly off kilter, only my about 3 stitches no less, but still off, he'll just have to sit with a twisted if I can only get the 2nd one to match.....haha. So happy thoughts to one and all, hope you have or have had a good day....byeeeee for now xxx look 3 x's today...feeling generous...heheh

Monday, 15 January 2007


Well a sunny good morning to one and all hope this Monday finds you all fit and well. Was looking at this blog and thinking now what else can I put on here except knitting and take on life etc in general...then me thinks oh yes my watercolours...well haven't really touched them in 2 years, have to be inspired and haven't felt it!!!! But these were my last ones so thought would share them with you...Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh goodness me, will you look at that....honestly in the light of day look rubbish, am such am amateur....still don't look too closely peps.....I SAID DON'T LOOK TOO CLOSELY.....hehehehe...well if you must.

Anyways nothing else to report thus far usual monday stuff etc......weekend was nice went for a walk in the it there feel so peaceful.....just stood still and there was not a sound except the rustling of the trees......BUT.....couldn't believe my eyes me and DH saw some primroses out..oh yes....Sunday 14th January 2007 and there they were in their full!!!!!! whats happening.....they must be very confused.

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Mens socks!

Ok so I said that DH socks in six ply knitting up quickly...well last night did the heel turn etc and got onto the foot, which needs to be 8" to toe start then another 2" so 10" in about bloody boring (ops sorry for swearing) but it was. I kept knitting and knitting and knitting round and round and round I went...must be there soon (felt like one of those expeditions with the kids in the car when young) know "how much further"? Could have trekked to the Himalayas in the time, righteo lets get the tape measure out....OH NO! still only 5" done. So judging on this one so far don't know whether will be knitting a 2nd pair...much prefer dainty ladies sizes. Also he can only wear them indoors as they will be too thick to wear with his shoes...alas...still am pouring my love into them. But gave up at the end of Kylies Homecoming tour on tv...sometimes knitting can be very aggravating if you let it, sat there at times thinking what the hell am I doing all this for buying all this yarn all these needles, should be out there walking the South Downs getting fresh air into my lungs....New Year does this at times I think to most of us makes us re-evaluate where we are and where we want to be...most of us do nowt about it. My old neighbour of 10 years and 3 young children dreamt of moving to St.Austell in Cornwall for about 7 years, she just didn't feel she fitted where she they brought themselves a house down there for weekends and the pull was so strong they moved down there once and for all.....she is very very happy and feels that she is now in her spiritual place (if thats ones way of thinking)...but....unfortunately there is a price for this at the moment....her DH is still here as his business is here and unfortunately one aspect doesn't work without the other. But I have admired their courage thus far.

So thats enough of my musings and clap-trapping for today...cheers all x

Saturday, 13 January 2007


I see there is another blogger friend joined the affray. My list is just going to keep growing and growing and soo much reading to do...I need time to KNIT....BUT THAT TIME IS BEING my own admission for reading blogs looking at blogs, going on the forum...honestly by bum is now starting to expand, the dog is not getting her proper walks. Go on one blog oh look theres some never seen before, lets have a looksee, so ofrt we go to Australia, Canada even Hong kong...Oh look they have their own blogs they like to to Iceland ah! that ones very interesting about the amount of daylight. Then theres all the knitting said blogger is doing and putting pictures start to feel very downbeat. hey! can they get sooo much knitting done and yet turn out fantastic sites with superb photos like that and look there are also cooking pictures. Now I adore my cooking but unfortunately has taken a bit of a back seat...even got to the stage now where am saying to DH "do you mind me sitting here knitting" he says "I love it" and he genuinely does take a very keen interest in my hobby. So I think the only diagnosis I can come to is that I NEED to knit faster, now there is a lady I think in SIMPLY KNITTING and she knits 255 stitches in 3 minutes, she holds the record thus far. Even whilst on here have one lot of washing in machine, another waiting to go in, tumble dryer on, dog wanting a brush, bed to be made with clean sheets etc, lounge to be vacuumed etc...but DH is on to a couple of those things as we want to got need to put face theres another task that is getting harder the older I get...yes I say task because I am having to make the mix thicker...this is a tongue in cheeek joke with me and the mixer out he says what mix today? well problem being used to be 1 to 4 now its 3 to 4. Honestly the more I try to fill in those cracks on my face the more deeper they look, mind you doesn't help at the moment as am getting over this dreaded cold sinus lurgy thing, yes it has come back three times, this time hit me really hard has gone to my sinuses so right side of face puffed up and bit of a dark eye...on penicillin....drat wanted a glass of rouge vino tonight, ne'er mind...looks like fizzy instead. Anyways be lovelys better go now the normal world calls as opposed to bloggers....anyway all enjoy your blogging...laters xx

Friday, 12 January 2007

DH socks started.

Bless my DH he has been waiting about 3 months for his very own pair of socks knitted with love care and devotion by yours truly....the only thing was I kept telling him that I was waiting for my addi turbos to arrive...cough cough, truth was didn't really like the wool he had chosen...BUT... the addis came so have now started on them last night and must say now have begun the colourways is not that bad. In regia jacquard 6 ply so knits up quickly.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tagged by Magenta..

Oh my goodbess, I've been tagged, need a few moments to think about things...erm, erm, erm,erhm...thinking cap on....oh yes.

1. When in supermarket queues I look in peoples trolleys and baskets and then guess what they look like before I turn round to have a look!!!!!!!

2. I always go and wait outside for my DH to pay after a restaurant meal.

3. I eat the same thing for lunch every day except the weekend. Thats toast with
peanut butter and honey....grapes.....a smoothie and a yeo valley organic yoghurt....never get bored of it.

4. I get cross when I see young toddlers without reins on and their parents are trying to keep hold of them...duh!

5. I don't like sunbathing.

6. Thought I was a very outgoing character but have found out that since I have got older that not quite so.

Anyways as someone else put at the end of the tag, the best thing they can do is not tag anyone else.......hehe!

Thursday, 11 January 2007

A pink day!

Boy the trees are well bending in these gales, mind you quite like days like one an excuse to just bed in for the afternoon and do nout else but knit, well thats what I intend to to this pm....well will not be posting a picture of the offending felted bag. Its not too bad but it will be resigned to a drawer somewhere as a reminder not to use those colours again and now have started a pair of PINK SOCKS to cheer myself up, the pattern is called Waterfall Rib and am knitting it in Garn studio alpaca, oh so soft.....its funny that socks are such a cheery items to knit, don't seem to get tired of them...also my abbi turbos in all different sizes came this morning, have been gradually collecting also might start my DH socks that have been promising him. Anyways heres piccy of work so far....

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Wednesday, 10 January 2007

not happy chat!....

Suppose the relevance of a blog that it can become a personal diary of ones own thoughts but put on paper for all to read and don't know if feel what I am about to write that I should, but am doing so....anyways my darling Dad has just rung me. Now he is 78 and is full time carer for my darling Mum who has very end stage altzheimers, cannot speak eat move weighs roughly about 4 or 5 stone now and her joints on her legs are now stuck at a right angle....he has two helpers 3 times a day to do the thats where we are now...anyway back to the phone call unfortunately her body is now starting to swell up, her face, tummy and now her left hand, and my Dad has had to take her wedding rings off etc after 54 years of marriage and even though he is putting a brave face on , the pain in his voice well..

I suppose this is now a page for my thoughts re my darling Mum who has been my bestest friend all through her life, even though for 2 years now she hasn't known who I am and my name has been b....s......d! you get the drift.......I know before long that she will depart (to put it nicely) this planet and I know that to reach 84 she has been lucky......BUT.....the strange thing is I don't want her to go. I know I'm a big girl (woman hahaha) now...but I have learnt that your Mum is your Mum and if you have a lovely beautiful one, the thought of not seeing her, even now when I visit still sit my her chair on the floor and hold her hand just as I did as a little'un and she can still transport me back to that time. There have been very rare glimpses of recognition over the last few weeks when she has looked up at me and done a weak smile and I've said to her you know me don't you....and she has smiled and tried to pronounce my name.....I cannot begin to explain the feeling of elation that has given me and I have come away with a tenderness in my heart, somewhere she knows I'm still her girl. Even more strange is that even though with her illness she has been able to (you know that feeling that only your Mum can give you) its ok for whatever reason. My youngest DD now 26 and married when she comes in says to me "Oh Mum, I need a Mummy hug" whether its been a bad day or whatever and we stand there for a few seconds arms encircled around each other..."these are special strength hug and she says she can feel my love for her going to her.
This is what I used to have from my there we have it for now, strange of me to write this down as am quite a guarded person but hey maybe this blog is my therapy.....


Honestly, I have just been weeing myself with laughter, well you see finished my bag last night, all sewn up ready to felt today......heres a before piccy, colour still ????? sorry about toes of slippers in way...Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Anyway, put in machine, da da da de de (yes I sing whilst I work) machine do necessarys etc etc......take said bag out with eager anticipation regarding this knitted work of craft that me, myself and I have created, urghhh!!!!I am nearly weeing myself with laughter well surely there is felting and there is felting and know am very very new to this lark BUT a childs bag. So I wring it out as per instructions and I have pulled and pulled and pushed and pushed till I got it to about 10" x 9" X 3"
then thinks oh yes lets go and look in the Pursenality Plus book, guess what, thats virtually the size they say........dances around hooray I did it. Problem being the colour now even looks more like sick as my friend said!!!!! lol....will post a piccy when bag dry. There is now another problem still got 4 balls of the darn wool left...oh drats!!

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Morning world, how do I find you, smiling, hope so.....just come back from good old Mr. Sainsbury's, well the first week of a reasonable priced shop since Christmas.
Who's still eating the chocolates and sweets come on own up, or who like me gets fed up and ends up throwing them out. Every year get Thorntons a big box......I HATE
TRUFFLES.....there they sit, defiant, go on you know you want to bite into me, might just taste different. Not!!!

Anyway my very first pair of knitted socks have now gone to a good home, my DD's,
she had cold feet when she came to visit the other day, and went to leave putting her boots on, looking at me.....well to cut a long story short.....gave them to her....pulled at my heart strings it did, was such an effort dealing the first time with fiddly dpns...
but hey the look on her face.....have made a few more since now looks like shes fallen in love with will be kept busy later on when other wips finished off.
Had some yarn from Scandinavian Knitting Design came today, well what a lovely company that seems to be first time have used them, brought some alpaca in pink and some cotton (Paris) to make a couple of fun dishcloths.

On another note, aren't these website bloggy things weird, I mean I still have the jury out as to why am doing this, is it therapeutic to put loads of interesting or not (to some) and total drivel to others....well must be enjoying it soo far as a few days in and still if you pop in from time to time and read...thanks! Have a good day all...........x

Monday, 8 January 2007

yeuk photo does the yarn even less favours, honestly the colourway is browny green, tany orangey, oh give up anyway now piccy of bag part done, blinkin head is now spinning, ears popping so off for lunch!

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DH brought brekky in bed for me today porridge with peaches and a nice cuppa boy did it soothe the throat feels like got a golfball stuck there and hey had a lie in and dozed back off to sleep until 10. Wow haven't done that in ages. So thought would come and say a cheery "HELLO", the rain as predicted has now arrived and the gale force 8's expected tonight, so batten down those hatches me hearties!!!.

Anyway couple of piccys the first one is of the jacket and yarn I brought at the Angel Yarns open day... so happily started knitting it as an ongoing project...then had my friend round for a coffee, want to see my knitting I asked. She looked at it looked at me saying "Oh wouldn't have thought you would pick that colour looks like sick......urgghhhh!!!!!! (she's a very dear friend believe me)...
well everytime I have picked it up since then, well guess what? DON'T LIKE THE COLOUR ANYMORE........bum bum what else to knit with it...
My first felted item so also WIP piccy of bag, sure will look nicer than my sick coloured jacket, haha......will post another pohoto when bag felted etc wish me luck....ciao x

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Sunday, 7 January 2007

Darn bug!

Don't believe it, this darn cold lurgy bug has turned round again and hit me....been ongoing now for 4 plus weeks, so now back with shivers, neck ache, throat pain, body pain......looked at DH and pouted...Bo ho I need sympathy. But being a strong willed female (yes it is only a bug)!!!! unlike DH who had it, he went into what I call his tortoise shell for a week and didn't come out...said to him he's tetchy...."NO I'M NOT" yeah right pull the other one...honestly men, for some reason they don't doing feeling poorly very well...Mind you am feeling tetchy myself but have let him know with a smile ha ha on my face. So am off to sit myself down for a while and get on with my first knitted bag from Pursenality Plus, for any with the book it is the blue one called Lagoon I think, am doing it in Twilleys Freedom......bye for now.

Saturday, 6 January 2007


Been browsing through holiday snaps, as its that time of year when you start thinking....sun, sea sand!!! now now get your mind out of the gutter heheh!!!
Went on very first cruise 15 months ago after two weddings (Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingour DD's) in a year...yes broke the bank. Its strange its only really after the holiday and looking back that you realize how muchyou enjoyed it, mind you was scared stiff for the first 3 days, went to Iceland all around, Newfoundland in Canada and ended up in New York, we had 2 days of force 6/7 and one of force 8 I tell you the ship rolled around and I couldn't sleep for 3 nights properly. The people on our table (me and DH were cruise virgins) laughed at us so much most were on their 3/4/5/6/7/8/9/and even some 15, oh my goodness....must admit met a few Mrs. Bouquets
(buckets!!!!!), the ship was huge too look at this... oh drat...nearly getting the hang of this.
Brrrrrrr, windy rainy weather on its way, Britain braced for gale force winds as a storm front heads towards us,[img][/img]

On a HAPPIER NOTE ...hope all had a good Saturday, mines been restful so far, went out for coffee and tasty cake (I know). Last night decided to cast on for a felted bag boy is it knitting up quick or what, first time to do felting, so got to read a bit as to washing etc, still should be fun!

Hows your eyes doing at the mo, anyway posty came today with my Posh yarn, now am pleased with it BUT a tad confused because the multi stripe yarn is good..but am sure I clicked on the other yarn for a beautiful red colour and then clicked on for the purple later but it said none left.....oh well sure it will knit up heres piccy..

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Friday, 5 January 2007

GRRRRRR & grrrrrrr again!!

Oh don't you find it frustrating, when you cannot get your head around your next project/ this yarn came yesterday looked at it again just now, well sorry but the dyeing is ????? there are spots of white areas in it, might mail the company concerned. Was hoping my Posh yarns sale skeins would arrive today bo ho! Know exactly what am going to do with those. Then thought would buy some cotton to do some friends dishcloths guess what not the colours I wanted in stock, wouldn't you know it.
So just popped off and did a photo of offending yarn....Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well would you adam and eve it, the heather sage doesn't look so bad here but in real light is soo muted AND I can still see those white streaks on tuther.

Going to have homemade potato and califlower (is that the right spelling, looks weird)..
soup tonight with crusty bread to mop up......
No more me drivelling on......ta ta x

Thursday, 4 January 2007

Postie came!

Looked out of window, posty up the road, yes he's walking towards my house with a small parcel under his arm, Oh! the excitement two new skeins of yarn for """"SOCKS"" run downstairs, he rings "morning" says I cheerfully. Urgh...he doesn't even look up at me. "Thanks"...says I taking the parcel. Fingers eagily pull off the plastic bag and wrapping and then tear away to get at the receipt, why is this bit so infuriating. Then as we all know that bit when the yarn in all its glory is laid bare for to see........Oh!!! nothing like the colours in the pictures, much more muted, ok me thinks. Looks over yarn skein fondles, checks colour dye, seen better but starting to grow on me, yep one skein for socks, other well a sort of soft sage and heather colour????? will think about that one.

Anyways the sun is shining in this part of the country in all its glory, poor DH is still grounded at home with this soo dreadful lurgy virus, the chest head throat body thingy. SIL has had it for two weeks now, his wifey DD (duh obviously) rang a while back to say that it has turned back onto him again and he's in bed cannot lift his head, she's a tad worried, so I give her advice etc.

As for me today, now if take dog for early walk, finish up on here, check knitting forum, sort tonights dinner out in my mind, quickly vacuum downstairs, wanted to take a look at M & S sale but getting to age now where I stop and think, "do I like it? do I need it" NO NO AND NO
again. So turn and walk away...whey hey! But (aha) the other part of me's thinking more money for YARNYWARNY!!!!!.......SEE PEPS THERE IS ALWAYS A METHOD TO THIS LOGIC. So where was I oh yes, will try to be very good (try being the operative word) what with this new yarn just been delivered and not cast on a new project.....get on with my other WIPs this pm......have a good day one and all laters x

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

wow it worked!!! da da

heres 2nd piccy, those lovely colours!

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Well hey all, thought would put a couple of WIPs here, fraid not very exciting...2 scarfs and one hat. Eddy the teddy after much persuasion (with loads of honey!!!) sat and modelled the scarf and hat for me....hopefully these will become this years......(oh yes sad as it may seem have started all ready... won't say the words as its only Jan 3rd but that thingy that happens at year end)...SIL pressie to name but a few, see he's a fishing fanatic so will be making fingerless gloves as well. As for the feather and fan scarf, who knows where that will end up just making it, originally brought the yarn to make socks.....the colour shall we say is rather to put it mildly interesting and believe me am being polite. I secretly expect whomever receives it...well the poor scarfs destiny will be hiding on the floor of a wardrobe somewhere, unloved, unwanted, when it could have had such a prefect life keeping somebody warm and cosy through the long cold winter months. Anyway have now got to work out how to download the piccys, not that brill at it, so you mighPhotobucket - Video and Image Hostingt see nothing, here goes.

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Here goes!

Well finally got round to starting my blog, a blog or whatever blog. Been reading other peoples blogs and thought why not, New Year new me, new horizons, yeah right!!! Just see how this goes might be very very boring to some.. see I have a problem......I am a KNITAHOLIC!!!!!!.....AH SAID IT.. everything all knitty, sleep it breathe it......dream it......bored yet.....well if not into knitting will be soon hehe.....honestly though, if your one of thousands and yes I mean thousands that love nothing better than the sound of click click click (well of course depending what needles you use) could be clack clack clack with wood or addi turbos, oh yes those beautiful works of erm plastic and metal coatings (I think) every knitters dream. Thats of course after Boyes and Denises.....ahah see if your not a knitting knutter you wouldn't have a earthful knowledge of what the hell I'm going on about. So dear friend I wouldn't bother reading anymore thats if you've got thus far, if you have well done. Could post all or nothing on here, about life, about who knows but I would imagine mostly about KNITTING......WITH wip'S (thats works in progress to the uninitiated). So have taken a deep breath and jumped in. So if you've read to the end of this, thanks for sticking with it and well just hope I have enough to write about...cheers me dears!