Tuesday, 24 August 2010

New Cath Kidston bag.

Isn't this bag gorgeousness.......treated myself to this for winter season last week. Briar rose mini saddle bag. I was a bit dubious as to whether everything would fit in, but it does.....purse/glasses case/mobile/brush/keys/tissues and inside pocket for lippy and odds'n'ends. Also so versatile, lovely to drape across body with strap long, or shorter on shoulder. The colour of the bag is so easy to match up with things....all in all wonderful. Cutesey door stop...."Home Sweet Home".x

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Your first doll?

So ok girls, who still has their very first dolly with them.....meeeeeeeeeeeeee!
She is now half a century yep! 50 years old. Ops nearly giving my age away there, well add 5 years. She has been cuddled, dropped, thrown, covered in make up over the years but bless her she has survived. Shes had quite a few names over the years....Belinda/Matilda/Susan/Barbara/Janet....erm notice the 1950's names. Well now she is being much loved and cuddled by my gorgeous little Granddaughter. She loves to take her to bed, erm not quite soft and cuddly unlike her modern equivalent. What is even more dear to me now is the fact that my darling Mum (who for those that have read passed away some 8 weeks ago) made the outfit for her complete with knitted pants and vest underneath. She made this outfit some 30 years ago for my daughters when they used to play with her. Isn't it lovely that now my Granddaughter is loving her, long may she continue to be cuddled.

Night night, sleep tight......x

Ops! she does have a poorly though....I think that was me as a littleun. Also the elastic holding her together has also been replaced.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Prettify silk flowers with embroidered butterflies.

August seems to be rushing by and have wondered where the beautiful weather is...hmmm! will we all need our woollies soon? Anyways been busy making these embroidered butterflies to pretty up my silk flowers, not sure whether I will leave them there but they certainly look pretty.

and of course a bit of crafting also came too.....cupcake pot holders or stands....its funny my machine has been idle the last 2 months but now the rains here, what else is a girl to do but make.