Wednesday, 12 September 2012

All so stressful this house buying and selling lark.

Oh goodness me, it just seems to go on and on.  Ok let me start at the beginning, I haven't been blogging for ages and ages, so busy with other things in life I suppose and one of them is moving house, well we are getting there.  About 2 or so years ago I started to get itchy feet, still in family home of 19 years. Was getting fed up with the cleaning and upkeep of a 4 bed family home, most of which was and is not really used for purpose now there are only two or us.  Anyways, hubby then retired  3 years early and at that time didn't want to and had no intention of moving, having been at work all those years, he wanted to enjoy the fruits of his labour so to speak.  So after having been retired for a year or so, he then really surprised me by saying one evening "why don't we downsize".... oh! erm! was my initial response as he hadn't been that keen before but by being at home, he then realized the house is too big for us. So on the market it went, we were very very lucky to get a buyer quickly and we had found ourselves a lovely 2 bed bungalow with conservatory, so put all in hand with Solicitors etc, everything going swimmingly for 9 weeks, getting to contract signing stage, dates were being talked about.......then the bombshell our buyers' buyers decided that they didn't want to move after all. What the!!!!!!! As you can imagine we were so upset, the chain then collapsed, we thought we would loose our bungalow but the lovely lady has taken a liking to us and said she would wait, so nice of her. House went back on market, lots of family viewings, one thing or another wasn't right, garden too small, wanted grass instead of decking etc one bedroom not big enough.  But luckily a few weeks later a lovely older couple came for a viewing, and we thought hmm! surely not, but no they fell in love with it and are now in the position of purchasing.  Its so funny as they are downsizing too but from a beautiful 5 bedroom Victorian villa. So here we are again, now six weeks into the legal side of things, I can hardly think or whisper too much for fear or it going this time we are just sitting silently and ticking each box as it comes along.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Lovely new blog

Lovely new blog, go take a look see, its a work in progress and have a feeling that a lot of nice stuff will appear.  Ok must admit I am biased but its my daughters.  She has found a new craft that she has taken to like a duck to water, crochet, she had seen good ol' Mums work and decided to have a go.  She has taught herself, very proud, also gave her my darling Mums (her Nanny) sewing machine, she seems to have a natural talent for sewing too, hmm! chip off the old block eh!  As my Mum is now in heaven am sure she is looking down on her Granddaughter she would be very pleased.