Monday, 8 August 2011

Into crochet?

Are you into crochet? Have you heard of the Japanese Flower Shawl....well I fell in love with this pattern. It was one of those patterns that you could tinker along at your own pace inbetween other projects. I used wonderful Debbie Bliss Andes which has 50% silk and gives a fantastic drape......3 colours 3 purple/2 apple green/1 beige. The yarn is so soft but does have a tendency to slip and separate at times...but nonetheless gorgeous. I will wear this with my burgundy coat in winter. It would also look nice draped around shoulders for evening out.
I made mine 9 flowers long by 3 wide...but it can get as big as you want, even a throw, but maybe I would use a lot cheaper yarn. me and hubby have been out and about for odd trips away in our m/h.
If anybody had told me how much we would fall in love with this type of travel.
To me nothing seems better and more lovely than our own bolthole to go home to at the end of the day.....and as for the bed....the feeling of snuggly down at the end of a busy day. Oh and the best bit of being inside the m/h is when its pouring down with rain and even better a thunderstorm. I know I know!....but that feeling of being in such a small place....I said to my hubby " that if anyone a few years ago had told me I could be so happy in basically a room on wheels that measures 23' by 9'6" I would have laughed by socks off...but it has everything one could want...and you find yourself planning your next trip away.
We spent a few days in Bath last month, just wandering around and have earmarked lots of places to visit next time, one being Jane Austens house, the American Museum with all the folklore stuff in it. We strolled up and down the lovely alleyways in fact you could really be anywhere in Europe....Italy France...only thing that gives it away is the english signs. (Sorry couldn't get piccy turned around).



bellaboo said...

How gorgeous is your shawl!My crochet skills are not up to anything like that I'm afraid...still at the granny square stage.
Am very envious of your MH trips. Sounds like the perfect way to travel! :0)

VintageVicki said...

Gorgeous shawl - I'm still at the Granny stage of crochet but perhaps one day.