Saturday, 21 April 2007

This is annoying...

Decided to start on a shawl WildFlower....quite an easy pattern...not too thought provoking...the yarn I purchased from a on line store who are really good on delivery times and most purchases before..nho probs with the yarn but this one.
Well theres me happily knitting along tra lalallalala 9oh and singing) have done about 11" bearing in mind this shawl is trangular. THEN all of a sudden the thickness of the yarn changes, it is Marion Sock Yarn and look...aaahhhhh!

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This pm was really nice DD and I went to a big M&S near us, and mosed around looking at all things yummyness but we were good girls. (just) and spent nought except for dinner this evening. Was chatting to her about being preggies and what is nice now is that there is so much more information andf literature around than I ever had. Mind you we were both sitting at the puter later on and laughing at all the must haves (that every Mother in the 21st century apparently needs) ..some of the things she even chuckled at. How us Mums in the 70's ever managed I don't know...we couldn't have managed without a heated bottle warmer would we? lol even my DD said whats wrong with a jug of hot water. Honestly thank goodness she has a level head on her, could spend a small fortune.

So back to the knitting have finished the back and right side of the little green jumper...done two pairs of bootees....done 11" of the aforementioned shawl...and also done a few inches of a baby blanket in a lovely soft cream aran. I suspect I am going to become a baby bore.....sorrrrreeeee! (smiles sweetly).

Oh yes and theres just the small thing of the extention that we are building with SIL so they can change their kitchen to the extention and the old kitchen into a bedroom....DD says she is going to sit their with a little trowel....hehe


Artis-Anne said...

Oh no !! how annoying Is the whole ball thicker or just in places ?
Aw isn't it lovely to go shopping with DD ; we are having a few girlie days together also :)
I love knitting baby things as they grow so quickly . Look fwd to seeing them knitted up .
Oh and if you are thinking of a Daylight lamp, get one ,I now wonder how I managed without it !!It has a clamp to hold my pattern and a magnifying glass also , plus a tray for my bits & bobs ;-)

Caroline said...

I just read your comment over on Cheryl's blog about kids. It does seem crazy for kids not to want to be close to their parents after they've grown. I have a brother who is like that to all of his siblings. To his credit, he and his wife do visit my parents and keep in contact with them. Still, it's strange that he would so ignore the kids he grew up with. It used to hurt my feelings, but now I'm just grateful for the siblings that I am close to.