Wednesday, 18 April 2007

%*^@?~# seagulls!!!!

The audacity of this particular seagull.....well there was I last week, just finished the ironing...looks out of the window and sees this huge I mean it was a big mother!!!!! brazenly standing in the middle of our garden path with this orange thing poking out either side of its beak. On first look I thought it had some fibre in its mouth, you see I had put some in the tree for the birds to take for their nests...Ahhhhh. Looked closed it was one of our goldfish from our pond. So dumped washing and ran outside, of course it flew off with its lunch. Looked into the pond nienty, nil, zero, nought....all gone..and there was a gaping hole in the netting and he had over how long had all the goldfish. All 12 of them talk about gourmet breakfast dinner tea and supper. Now this might seem nothing but we have had them for a few years and had trained them with tapping of stick on side of pond to come up and be fed.
So anyways we've now restocked the pond with 17 new ones and brought some extra secure knitting. (Ops see what our hobby does for us) netting I mean.!!

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But anyways on a happier note, don't you just love the blooming and bursting out of spring. Everything single thing is so vibrant, especially first thing in the morning just as the sun is coming up the greens are so green. All different hues, no wonder artists take such inspiration from natures colours and fibre/yarn dyers as well...just look at these.

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One of my beautiful Japanese maples...against the green....ooohh!!!!

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The fringes so my doopy eyed dog Megan.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Beautiful mini corkscrew willow.

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Artis-Anne said...

I would have been cursing also as we have a fishpond but its usually herons that we have had problems with not seagulls !!! I have had fishponds in every garden I have had (this is pond number 8 )& touch wood not lost any in this garden YET but have in the past. Lovely shots of your mapels and the garden.I too have a few of them dotted around the garden and a twisted hazel and willow but not a mini willow, that looks lovely :)
And not forgetting the lovely Megan :) I had a collie called that : seems we have a lot in common :)