Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Autumn cardi finished at last...

Have at long last finished this pain in the backside....hehe cardigan. Honestly the last sleeve was so longwinded to do and now its blocked etc....have tried it on and guess what...cannot stand the yarn next to my skin. It is sooooooo itchy. I washed it gently in special wool liquid before....oh well looks like it will be resigned to back of cupboard. But I am quite proud of my first achievement into this field. Now I might just do some socks and then I have the two "Dream in Colour" baby jackets to make as well. After that its a coin toss between a "Bohus" or "Autumn Rose"....but I expect by then Christmas would have come and gone and spring will be on its way.

On a different note DD's twins are now home and I have been round there most days, helping to feed and it takes twice as long with everything. They are beautiful babies (well I would say that being Nanny). Little Cara looks like a dolly, its funny even now you can tell which is the girl and which is the boy. Anyway best away chores to do. Heres piccy of cardigan.
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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Only me....hellloooooooo

Oh wow wow wow, have I been a lucky girl I received my Christmas swap pressie from the Swap around the World. Debbie was so generous......she sent me a wonderful Southern Living cookery book......oh forget to say she lives in Texas....some many scrummy recipes. Good excuse for me to go and buy Nigella Lawsons measuring cups for the recipes. Also Folk Socks...plenty in there to read and knit. Two baby jackets to knit for the "twins"...they are the Dream In Colour cute....oh a Grandmas brag photo album.....a Texas fridge magnet...a twins magnet. Oh let me think what else oh yes a cd like player that when you put the Yankee candle discs in rotates and emits all lovely Christmas heres the piccy.

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Anyway have been busy doing a little bit of sewing. DD was looking at some snuggles for the infant car seats....well I looked and thought for the price well...far too expensive. So took myself off to local fabric store and there staring at me was the most gorgeous "polar fleece" material with teddies on with pink/blue bow ties.Thats it so purchased 3/4 metres of each at a cost of £13.74...roughly $26./$27. Steal eh and also managed to get two pram blankets out of it too.
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Sunday, 11 November 2007

Ryan and Cara....

Introducing to you little Ryan and Cara my DD and SIL twins born at 31 weeks old. Taken today. Now 3 weeks old and doing really well, bless them They are both feeding from DD well and also being topped up via the tube as you can see. They have now put back on their birth weights plus extra. Ryan is now 3lb 10ozs and Cara 4lb by the end of November Cara should hit the 5lb plus and Ryan is catching up very quickly behind. Have had my first proper cuddles with them to, being tiny they felt so light to hold. I was stroking the back of Caras head and you could sense her concentrating on it. Ryan is a typical lazy little boy, wakes up to feed if he feels like it, opens one eye then the other and goes back off to sleep. Cara is now starting to figit around for her feed at times. Oh I'm sooooo in luuuurrrvvveeee.
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Sunday, 4 November 2007


Hello, sorry haven't blogged for a little while but usual daily living seems to have taken over...anyway hope everybody is well. So a quick update on the twins....they have now been moved to local hospital and in special care unit...both doing seemingly well. Have started to tolerate their milk so far so good.

Anyway our local school had a bonfire party on Friday, now you know dogs are not supposed to like fireworks, well that is except my Cavi Megan, here she is looking out the window.

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quite pleased with myself on this photo as generally awful at taking them.

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So my autumn cardi is coming on well now..have finished one sleeve and just started on next. Still seems to have knitted up smaller but the KAL am on some people seem to have had the same. It will be lovely and warm....woo hoo....mind you the suns shining at the mo and feels more like a spring day. Noticed that most of the leaves are still on the trees.