Saturday, 12 July 2008

Raw fleece aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

So thought would dive into the start with the raw fleece side of spinning...OK!! so sent off for a fleece from our wool marketing board, a blue faced leicester, it came opened the box...what a bleeping!!!! mess they'd sent me nothing was useable, so it was binned. Then tried a jacob fleece, unfortunately this fleece was soooo coarse, the only best thing for the fleece was to stuff pillows....and then I found a lovely lady in Wales who keeps her own 200 flock for her and other spinners fibre needs. I received a beautiful cross bred fleece a bit of shetland/icelandic and something else....couldn't wear the yarn next to skin but great for a jacket...anyway am in the middle of spinning this up bulky weight. so piccys of progress so far