Friday, 29 November 2013

First scarf next one.

So loving my new found craft, it just takes yarn to a different level.  You find yourself looking at yarn in a new light.  My larger loom has arrived and I am trying to weave a tartan. But heres first scarf,
and  the tartan one in progress

and finally, normally cannot manage to get a photo of our lovely dog, she is
generally on the go all the time...but managed this shot and just had to share.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Its here.....

Part one has arrived, you see darling hubby ordered me a smaller loom for use on lap.  So this sweet Ashford Sample It loom has arrived first.....tentatively put it together....tentatively warped it up...tentatively started far ok...realized used the wrong yarn toooooooo stretchy, but hubby is looking forward to his first scarf. Hmm, edges are awful but I can only improve I hope. Oh and decided to change blog name back, just didn't feel hello to Happy Yarns again.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Let the excitement begin....

Hello and welcome if you have found your way to my blog and please don't be confused that previous posts are of a different subject.  I tried to start a new blog but somehow blogger wouldn't allow it but anyhow, decided to change direction of my current new blog is now


Ok I had better start at the beginning....I have always been into crafts of mostly all sorts.......knitting/crochet/tapestry/machine embroidery and spinning.  About a year ago I started tentatively looking and wondering about weaving....hmmm! another craft to dip my toe in BUT! at that point I wasn't really hooked that is until my darling hubby asked me "what I would like for my birthday in November.  I ummed and ahhed...then happened one day to land on the weaving page on "Ravelry" for those not in the know it is a worldwide craft community.  Well after much falling in luuuurrrvvveeee and drooling over all the gorgeous woven scarfs and such like, decided to do some more research.  As a complete beginner had no idea what I wanted or really what equipment was required....size costs etc.  I spent about 2 weeks researching, reading....asking questions on the forums that are on Ravelry, received lots of lovely suggestions etc from the lovely people on there.  In the end (well actually I think hubby was getting me tired of hearing me say "Oh I don't know, supposing I get it wrong) again more research and then finally decided on a

Ashford 20" Riggid Heddle Loom which was purchased from Wingham Wool Works here in the U.K.  I have about another 5 to 10 ten days before it arrives, I can hardly wait.  There is so much to learn about this craft, I thought learning to spin was enough but this is a totally different animal.  The jargon warps/wefts/setts/heddle....warp dominant/weft dominant/balanced weave...but in all this I just love to create and learn.  So I will post as I go on my experiences, my disasters (and I'm sure there will be many)....with lots of piccys....anyways please pop by again and visit.  Then I should have a couple of piccys up of my loom. I just need a name for her (I know but my spinning wheel has a name Mavis) ....hmmm what to call it.ttfn 


Sunday, 2 June 2013

Garden is coming along nicely.

Long time no post, been busy sorting bungalow out and mostly done now.  The garden has been quite a chore to get sorted, darn ground elder took hold and apart from planting Mexigan marigolds, or getting hold of geranium endressi Wargrave pink which apparently smothers them we have been "digging for victory" to speak....the "bleep" stuff is still there but directly it shows its hold in goes my fork and roots etc be gone but anyway thought I would share some of piccys from garden so far.

Planted these pansies for my darlin "Mum in heaven"...she loved these and this is my special little corner just for her, often go and sit on speak and think and remember her...."love you Mum".

We have a backdrop of trees which are so nice.

The pond has come on really well, hubby had a shock when he started to sort it out as we didn't think there was anything in there, it was so overgrown and then whilst pulling out overgrown vegitation he netted a "carp"...9" I kid you not there were two of them, they had stayed on the bottom all winter long and were still thriving...wonderful. 

In the throws of painting shed such a glorious colour and gate and fencing done to keep our Jenny off garden (don't want yellow patches!)

Saturday, 9 February 2013


This is the kitchen we inherited with our bungalow.  Some 20 years old but would have been workable for a while except that appliances didn't work set about designing via Ikea website a lovely new kitchen.......ta da!
Ikea stat in off love love it.
This was the previous oh so dated! 1970 sliding door into the original kitchen..........sooooooooo
we decided to do away with it and have a square arch directly into hallway...
Just the job for breakfast for two.....

Appliances from appliances online....great site, good delivery.  Very strange for me using an electric oven as was so used to my Rayburn before but this has different ways to and fan/ top and bottom heating.....everytime I cook I'm having to refer to instructions...
and what kitchen isn't complete without a bit of Cath.
and the kitchen is filled with the sweet scent of hyacinth, even though the heat has pulled them a bit.
Anyways a bit of info for those that might be interested......
Kitchen Ikea Stat
Tiles Laura Ashley Artisan in pale biscuit colourway
Appliances online
Wenban Smith worktop
Am such a happy bunny.......and love the new sink too, but having to be very careful not to drop china into it......hope you enjoyed by show round.......oh! and of course my sweet retro apron made as a present for my birthday by a very clever friend of mine. 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Romantic Style

Treated myself to above book, what a feast for the eyes!
Dreaming of summer delights to come just one of the beautiful illustrations in this love love it..You can literally loose yourself for a hour or so in this book.
Ah  pure romance eh!
Just the place for afternoon tea.  
Hubby and I popped to Ikea for bits and pieces to finish off our kitchen,  yes we are nearly done.  Will post before and after pictures then. So I spied this most pretty filigree flower pot, just the job for miniature daffs......
Isn't this just wonderful, our windows in our bungalow, drip with condensation.  They are aluminium coated with plastic, no amount of wiping away the water each morning gets rid of it, back it comes.  We knew when we bought the bungalow that the windows were as such but thought we could put up with them for a couple of years.....erm NOOOOOOOOOO!.....the rubber seals hasve gone and just produce black company primed and ready to put in new windows.  Well that is when it isn't too cold and snowy, don't fancy each room being left open to the elements for 5 days.

Monday, 14 January 2013

A touch of knitting

Thought I would show you a knit that I completed autumn last year, its called Autumn Flurries and is a Garnstudio Drops design I think number 113-15.  Karisma is the yarn used, which I bought last February in Tromso, Norway.  I can hardly believe that its nearly a year ago since our wonderful trip on Hurtigruten to see the Northern Lights, ah memories.  But anyhow back to the knit, if your a knitter am sure you will understand when I tell you that the hem was started off with 600 odd stitches for the frill, hmmmm!! how many times did I have to count them before I got it right, now that would be telling but suffice to say more than 5 but less than ten and yes it did get frustrating.  I did ask a couple of people to check the stitches for me but they declined I wonder why?  The yarn is 100%wool and gives lovely stitch definition...and what with the weather being rather "brass monkies" here in good ol' blighty, it is easy comfy and great to wear especially with leggings and some cosy comfy bootie slippers ah bliss....enjoy. x