Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas memories and darling Mum.

Yesterday I was chatting to my daughter and she was saying about memories of her childhood Christmas's and all the things I did as Mum to make it magical for the children.....she is now doing the very same thing with her children....she thanked me for making her childhood memories of Christmas so magical and speaking to my little twin Grandbubs they are both very 3 years old they are just starting to understand. Mind you my little Grandson asked "why does Santa come down the chimney...and how does he doe it"? Daughter talked of all the magic, when bless him he turned round and said...."But Mummy, theres a front door why doesn't he come through that". Daughter said about his sleigh and reindeer etc......he stood there taking it all in, then walked away.....he then turned around after obviously having thought about it and said..........."but he's taking a short cut"...........did make me chuckle.
It bought back my memories of my own darling Mum, I only lost her June this year. She used to make Christmas so memorable for me and my magical. We used to live in a terraced Victorian house with no central heating was very cold in winter but so so full of the memories and traditions that my darling Mum made for me I then carried on with my own children and now find that my daughter is doing so much of the same. It gladdens my heart. She is making me smile with all her tales of her Christmas shopping and instead of turkey...she is having goose...Oh my goodness, she did so much research in the best way to cook it. All the things that I used to do, I love listening to all her exploits. Its a case of been there, done that....but its her turn now. As for my darling Mummy, wherever your are sweetheart.....I love you.......I miss you so will be in my thoughts as always but more so Christmas....and I know you will be near us all. God Bless Mum.



Florrie said...

Such a lovely thoughful post.......I too lost my mum just over two years ago, but I will light a candle this evening and drink a toast to her memory, as I do every Christmas, one of her favourite times of the year.......we are lucky to have such happy memories.

Warm Christmas wishes to you and your family,
florrie x

lemonade kitty said...

Wishing you a very merry christmas, Lucey xx

Caroline said...

What a wonderful post. I have nice Christmas memories, but my parents didn't "believe" in Santa. My kids, on the other hand, believed in him until they were practically pre-teens. We all had such fun with that, and I'm sure my kids will do the same for their kids some day!

Lynn said...

I loved this post - I read it on New Years Day - I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

bellaboo said...

I only just got your post up on my dashboard,so this is a bit late I'm afraid.I hope you had a good Christmas.It is a time when we miss loved ones who have gone from our lives more than ever.Your dear Mum has left you so many wonderful memories to treasure,that must be a comfort,and she would not want you to be sad.
Sounds like you had a lovely time with your sweet 'grandbubs'.

Florrie said...

Hope all's well with you.
Because of problems with someone who reads my blog, I've had to change my url address to:

Hope you still visit,
florrie x