Friday, 11 May 2007


Where oh where has the sunshine gone.....last night was so chilly...had the fire in...still they do say "don't change a clout till May is out" and we do need the rain.

So how has everbodys week been?..galavanting all over the place I expect if your like me.

So peps I have finished the toy rabbit from Knits for Babies & Toddlers by Fiona McTague.
I'm very glad that I sewed it up as I went along as there are 22 pieces and I think I would have found it a bit of a faff to leave it to the end. But still it was very enjoyable nevertheless. I wasn't sure whether I was going to get along alright as its my first toy that I have ever made...but he has had so much love put into him along the way...he has now a little character all of his own. MyDH was laughing at me the other night as he didn't have his eyes/nose/mouth and I was chatting to him as I was sewing....telling him not to worry...he'll be finished soon. Did the ears in a different cotton to make him look a little brighter (coughs!!! truth is ran out of yarn) but still think it works. He has cloths made in Noro Kureyon...another story with this yarn brought it to do a jumper last year...started it....didn't like that yarn just sat there. Am pleased have found use for it
Couldn't decided what to call him...came out with the usual Flopsy etc...then decided on a name easy for a child so he's going to be called "B".

Anyway ladies I give you in all his glory "B".....

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Viknits said...

He's really lovely :) There's nothing as good as a hand knnitted toy that's been made with lots of love and care x

Put a Sock in it said...

Oh, he's just gorgeous! I love the Noro for his togs—gives him real personality. :)

Artis-Anne said...

Oh he is just so gorgeous :)

Caroline said...

I love your bunny. Have you ever checked out the Bunny KAL ? You should show him off on their site.