Tuesday, 29 May 2007

More rain and some.

Well what a blustery wet bank holiday weekend for all. Mind you quite pleased with my bargain of the day on Saturday.....now am not generally much of a trendy watch person, more the small goldy Rotary type....but popped into TK Max for a bag for my knitting (always good value in there for such things). So walked past the clearance counter and a very different watch caught my eye. A "Storm of London" watch...picked it up price orginally was £120.00 reduced to £25.99 and then £15.00. Couldn't try it on as security tagged....hubby was with me said to him what do you think. "Go for it" he says "at that price you cannot lose". So duly arrived home ripped open and well I am rather chuffed. Not your everyday watch but nice for dressing things up.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hows about this so silly card, just bought for my friends birthday, honestly did make me chuckle.

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and finally a bit of knitting......finished another baby cardi from Sirdar baby knits book no 316...reallly nice basket work...knitted up so quickly. Will add button/toggles or whatever later when baba born as to whether boy/girl.

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Have done about 5 inches of the Bergere De France top but unfortunately had to change the pattern at the bottom. Could I get on with it...frogged the darn thing four times so have changed it to a fishtail lace. Still looks nice though. Will post some piccys later.

Anyway better go and ring my darling Father up now.....Mum is getting poorly by the day...her stomach is now really swelling up with intestinal obstruction and my Father is still in denial thinking that they will take her into hospital and operate. Oh dear....now I need to take a deep breath and ring him...ttfn x


Artis-Anne said...

What a bargain re you 'dressy watch ' and I did laugh at the card .
So sorry to hear about your Mum . I have suffered from minor obstructions with my Crohns , not nice but she sounds ever so poorly.
Oh dear my thought are with you all

Caroline said...

I love a bargain, and it looks like you found a bargain and a half.

That grandbaby is going to be so well dressed! How fun. I miss having babies to knit for. My little sister has a two year old, but all the neices and nephews are getting so big, as are my own:)

Sorry to hear about your mother. Its so hard to see you parents suffering.

Viknits said...

That watch is lovely - a definite bargain! TK Maxx is a dangerous place for me :p
I love the wee sheep card too.

I'm sorry aobut your Mum, it can't be easy for you or your Dad, just remember to keep your 'Me' time for yourself.
Vik x