Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Phew talk about all over the place.

Well where do I start? First and foremost not much knitting to show you lately....finishing off the shawl etc.

Anyway what a emotional last few days we've had. Poor darling Mum was taken into hospital last Sunday with intestinal obstruction (as some of you know she has end stage altzsheimers)...through loss of fluids she was drifting in and out of consciousness...I really thought that this was it....she has had a scan and they have found a tumour which was and is causing the obstuction. They obviously cannot remove it because of her state she now weighs about 4 stone. So they are going to put a stent in as I understand it from my Father) to bypass her intestines to make her more comfortable. My Father bless him thinks this is going to make her what with going up the hospital and rallying my Dad it has been a yeuk few days.

Preggie 12 week daughter is still off work with the all day sickness BUT today she had her first scan. Me and hubby went to meet daughter and son in law....she came towards me crying with laughter and all else....."how do you feel about twins Mum" she asks. I thought she was having me on "I said your joking aren't you". "No" says son in law and shows me and hubby the pics........Oh my goodness. We haven't stopped grinning. They're are obviously two seeds were fertilised. They are due 18th December but apparently its about 38 weeks for twins.

After all that has been going on seems every cloud has a silver lining and at times life certainly moves in mysterious ways. Now I just need to be able to knit twice as fast...fortunately they are going to find out which sexes at her next 20 week scan.
She rang earlier saying to me "so glad you don't work Mum, going to need your help a lot more now" and theres me and hubby thinking of buying another Cavalier spaniel pup as company for our six year old one, don't think so now.

Now wheres the needles......... byeee for now x


Viknits said...

Life really does work mysteriously. I am sorry your Mum isn't doing so well, 4 stones is nothing. But on the other hand I am so pleased for your daughter having twins. And I think you should get a puppy anyway - just go for it!

gilraen said...

What wonderful news! Non-identical twins. My dad was one too BTW.

I hope everything works out okay for your Mum and Dad. Fingers crossed the stent does the trick, for now anyway.

You will be busy knitting for two :)