Saturday, 16 June 2007

Hello bloggy.....

Hello bloggy, so sorry haven't been to visit you for a few days BUT life has been a bit hectic of late. Hope you haven't felt too lonely without any words being put here. Do you know what bloggy, its nice to have you here. A place to come and sit and contemplate what I might write or not write. Sometimes I put very personal things down and then scrub it all out are at times a very private place. A place I come to and stare at your whiteness, pondering life and the space that I exist in within this world. It is a time of great change yet again, another chapter in lifes book, a rich tapestry being woven in all aspects, some beautiful clear colours, some soft, some harsh, some muted, some grey....I find it a lovely expression to use "the rich tapestry of life". I was bloggy going to try and tell you about the changes it seems that I haven't really worked them out myself yet. I think it is an ongoing proccess. Well briefly now DD is preggie with twin babas...did you know that at 28 weeks she will be the size of a singleton full term Mother and that she can expect to put on about 23kg in weight. I think really the process is finding the place now between Mother and daughter and Mother to Mother....I have read that the relationship can become even deeper as there is a mutual understanding and respect within the two. Thus far the journey is lovely we chat even moreso, even before her being preggars we could talk for England, shes a great friend. Then there is this beautful colourful bit of the tapestry is tinged with grey, when I think of my darling Mum. We used to be friends and chat away all the time...her mind is knowhere now with the altzheimers. I tried to explain to her about her grand daughter being pregnant but her aged eyes just stared back at me vacantly, I showed her a picture but nothing.

On a lighter note bloggy I shall wax lyrical with some very good anecdotes....might be of interest.

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.

Tell a person they are brave and help them to become so.

Lower your voice and strengthen your argument.

Anway on the knitting front have at long last finished the shawl its the Wild Flower Shawl from Posh Yarns web site. Well decided to do it for the baby...thats before knew there were two so have started another one. Both in marion sock yarn from Peak Wool. Unfortunately as you can see there was a slight difference in the thickness of the yarn on the first shawl. So rang Peak Wool up and they sent me a replacement skein but in a different thats being used for the second shawl.

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Purplegem said...

Liked your anecdotes.
I sometimes do the same with mine, I type away and let out some steam, then I read it and rewrite it again!! Very therapeutic!
Going through some 'discovery times' ourselves so some idea what you mean.
Lotsa love Purplegem xx

Roobeedoo said...

Thanks for your kind comment.