Friday, 5 August 2016

18 months

Its strange but after eighteen months being away from my blog its called to me again.
A lot has happened in the time inbetween, we moved house after only being in our bungalow for three years.  We suddenly lost our beautiful dog Jenny....but after the heartache and vowing never to have another dog for at least a year...the loss and quietness in the house was so unbearable we got ourselves a jet black American cocker Bella now 16 months old....yes and she does look a bit of a diva and she is.....but a snuggle cuddle sweetheart.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Faux lags?

 I am getting back into my spinning...and whilst waiting for my new wheel to arrive, thought I would have a go at making these so called faux ..rolags. In real terms.  I have some gorgeous Shetland which is very open anyway and could be spun with just a little drafting...but I want to do long draw and create woollen yarn.  So I googled and came across this idea which seems to work well...hope the photos are self explanatory. I used a 20mm knitting needle which has made nice sized rolags.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Emma Bridgewater love.....

Love loveEmmaa hoping to start a collection of the  toast and marmalade range.....but woo aha! Check out the fabric range called dresser in association with gorgeous. £50 a metre. Oh the 2nd to last piccy is of our old red kitchen from previous house....hmmm don't think would choose red now, but it was fun at the time, especially the rayburn....ah the memories.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Paper cut delight...

Oh just cannot wait to show you the gorgeous paper cut from Bramble Crafts Havant... my eldest daughter made for me's one of her paper cuts framed....I was delighted when she gave it to me and will look lovely when hung.

We seem to be making each other crafty bits and it's lovely....I recently did her a set of red beige cream coaster and mat and she was delighted too...don't you just love comforting and relaxing...well most if the time unless one gets too intense to finish something.  I used to be like that but knowadays it's finished when it's finished.

Also just had to share the dresser, have wanted something like this for years, well I truth have always wanted a larder, but then hubby and I spied this and well the new kitchen extention with breakfast room seems ideal....and I think a bit of bunting hpbehind the doors will look gorgeous eh?

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Bramble Crafts.......Facebook and etsy.and a spot of crochet.

Hi,so ok before I tell you about the must and you will luuurrrrvvvveeee all that my eldest daughter does and sells in the craft world.  Seriously you will fall in love with her paper cuts, I cannot really explain just go and have a looksee...(I know this is unadulterated advertising)but she's my daughter and hey...her stuffs brilliant,  you will find her in facebook just look for Bramble Crafts Havant, she is also on etsy.   It's strange as she has a love of crafts like me,  chip off the old eh! It thrills me no end that she lives it so, honestly when I occasionally meet up for coffee Cath kidston is a must see...we both oh and ah over everything. But alas it's only occasionally, she has 6 children that keep her busy and even though she's only hour by car, sometimes it feels like 4 hours.  I sometimes wish she lived 10 mins away so could pop and see grandchildren after school etc, and also to spend time crafting with her.  But strange as it seems my other daughter does live 10 mins away and nope don't do the after school visits at all either, children have after school clubs etc and homework and general busy life's all round really ...... and she has no interest in crafting, even though tried to get her attracted to knitting or something.
Life does go at a speed knowadays and maybe  the www is un a way to! Says me whilst trying this.  It's so easy to start browsing everything that may interest one the. An hour has disappeared eeek.

Anyways on the crochet front,  have just finished this was great fun with the colours.

Ok some attention olease....Bramble Crafts Havant....facebook ....bottom two photos of paper cuts...have fun......ttfn

Monday, 26 May 2014

Easier in theory!

Must admit when hubby and I first started talking of rethinking our existing bungalow kitchen and must admit it started out as a seed that grew and grew until well we decided  to rejigger current layout. So our existing kitchen will be the new dining room which enables us to have the dining table fully extended.  The existing dining  room will become a breakfast room going into new extention.......but as piccys show we  have a long way to go but am so enjoying looking at all the Farrow and Ball. Paint colours.    The throw picture is a throw I made for my daughter for the  bottom of their was a joy to do in my weaving loom .

Monday, 12 May 2014

Crochet and pretty mugs

Hello, long time no post...but thought would just show some crochet I have been doing.  We are having a kitchen extention so for me it's the interior design and colours.  Hubby and I have decided on a palette of greys and blues...pretty much these cute ornament chair colours and so table mats and placemats will be called for, we are aiming for what is now deemed modern country.  Hopefully there will be room for an island and squeals with delight! Maybe a larder cupboard...but will not know until it's built but in the meantime, crochet callsand the decorating ideas going around in my head.   Oh. And mustn't forget the sweetest cutest mugs that I came across on amazon.......they are called The Caravan Festival trail. And I think there. Are six to collect....they are so colourful and will be a delight to use...but am putting them away until extentions done.a