Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hello, it has been months since my last posting but my blog hadn't called to me until the last few days. Well I have been busying myself with all sorts of things.

But firstly there was one very very sad moment when had to have my beloved Megan put to sleep. She developed a huge lump in her neck that was full of poison and when I say huge I mean the size of a satsuma it was interferring with her breathing. We went to vets and she was put on a course of antibiotics....it then went down slowly to the size of a walnut, she was very poorly over this time, just laying asleep for most of it. Anyways went back to the vet which my this time she had developed a cough, the vet said that the poison etc had gone to her lungs and was backing up to her heart, she said that to give her some heart tablets to make her comfy for 3 weeks and then well "the kindest thing". It was an agonizing decision that hubby and I made that lunchtime, either to delay the inevitable or? Well we made the decision that hubby took her back that afternoon, whereby we rang the vet etc. I couldn't go this time, with my other Cavi she was 13 and soooo elderly but Megan just coming up to 10 but very puppyish. She did start to rally for a few hours beforehand almost as if she knew. I know its so silly but I was beside myself with grief for the loss of her, hubby came back and I watched him get out of the car with just her lead and the blanket, I couldn't go downstairs even. He came in and I just asked him to just put all that had been Megans into a bag as I didn't want to see it. Ho hum!!!. pets eh? Miss her so so much she was such a poppet of a dog. Oh and try explaining it to 3 and a half year old Grandchildren that their little friend has gone to doggy heaven. They're still asking now.

My Megs aged 8.

But enough of sad things onto my latest project which I must admist has taken me 3 months......18 balls of yarn....I used basic acrylic and it has cost me roughly £25.00......the pattern is from a lovely lady called Lucy at "Attic 24"...go check ber blog, very inspiring.......Its been made for the bed on our recently acquired motorhome....which more of at another time!

Hope you enjoy the piccys.

Oh and the blog photo is of "Fingle Bridge" Dartmoor..a most picturesque beautiful serene place. It was raining on the day we visited but we sat outside the pub/restaurant pulled the sun umbrella down and ordered the most tasty bowl of their soup and humungous roll and chips. The wind whipped round our legs but everything was "Oh so perfect".