Thursday, 4 February 2010

Where are you happiest at?

I was looking back at holiday photos from the last 3 years, reminiscing as you do and it got me thinking...which holiday do you remember as the best and most enjoyable.
For me everyone that I am lucky enough to go on I take something from, but the strange thing is the ones in dear ol' blighty seem to say nearer to my heart. How strange is that. You know the ones where you've booked a cottage somewhere and you arrive, walk in and it instantly feels like home from home, where you kick off your heels and just be, free to do as much or as little as you want. To wander and drive around villages, walk and find that pretty Tea Room, that even if they sell just teas, are the most perfect teas around. Just browsing and taking time to look at things, fall in love with pretty cottages....visit National Trust..Oh! talking of National Trust properties one of my all time favourites is Lanhydrock in Cornwall...its a must.

Stayed at Manor Lodge in Crewkerne a Christmas or so ago....a memorable time.
and sundrenced Bardolino on the shores of Lake Garda in Italy......all those icecreams...and what a place to people watch. Lakeside walks that go on and and hubby have a favourite seat outside the hotel where we would go and sit and watch the sunset or wait for the mountains to start reverberating with the eventual arrival of the thunderstorm...watching the lake turn from serene calmness...quite a swell would happen, one that you wouldn't believe could happen on a lake.
I must admit though sailing past The Statue of Liberty last September at the start of my cruise to Canada, was spine tingling, tummy tugging....and I did have a lump in my throat...very strange. I didn't realize how symbolic she was until I saw her...

and finally where am I.....a caribbean island, some exotic destination....wrong...hubby and I came across this beautiful sight whilst driving to the Isle of Skye in bonny Scotland. Couldn't even see it from the road, just saw a sign that said "Cove"...well as we love to explore, off we went, rounded a few corners and hairpin bends and lo and behold, this sight awaited us. I shall never forget it, totally deserted, white sand so fine it just trickled through your fingers, this was in the month of April. The previous day we had been up to Ben Nevis and played in the snow....and here we sat on the sands together, total silence and just looked...........and sat and looked...the only sound were the birds trilling overhead....bliss.