Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Prospect of snow...

I was reading http://ournewlifeinthecountry.blogspot.com/2010/01/getting-colder.html earlier and the colour of the sky was mentioned. Well the colour was very much the same down here on the South Coast, eerily a orangey/red but with a smokey tinge to it, wish I'd got my camera out but had just risen from my snuggly duvet. Supposed to be getting some snow here, I know I know I shouldn't get excited as it is a pain in the proverbials but...I just want to go for a lovely walk up to Cissbury Ring (which is a local beauty spot down here) and walk it and take photos of beautiful white crisp loveliness, but until the snow comes...will go off with my lovely friend for a coffee, chat and knit and a looksee around one of our garden centres.

But girlies, how about some Cath Kidston, made this cute pelmet for the kitchen window, it just needed cosying up...think its done the trick. Also bought a box bag in the sale, love it love it. Then got this cute melamine tray from Homebase, didn't know they did this flowery stuff, only £2.94 too.

What to do with dreary beige napkins....

throw them....NOOOOOO!!!!

tart them up. All pretty now.
Ok! don't look at the wonkey stitching....duh!!!

The oilcloth tablecloth is the same material as pelmet and it also goes lovely with my recovered chairs...don't you just love the way Cath Kidston colours work.


A Country Girl said...

Napkins look great, well done. I have a tablecloth that needs that treatment.
We are forecast heavy snow here too - hoping that it's not too bad!

bellaboo said...

Love your 'makes'.CK is great.If you keep to the same colour palette,everything matches.I'm loving my new stripey pillowcases.
Hope you don't get snowed in!


Angie said...

Love those pieces! Such great patterns and colors!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Lovely florals.