Saturday, 30 January 2010

Hexagonal knitted throw....finished.

These were such a joy to knit and surprisingly lovely to sew together. I did 54 in the end...I would have made it bigger, but cost was getting silly. I used Debbie Bliss Rialto aran and I got about just over 5 hexagonals out of each ball. I have just one more ball to buy to finish the stitch edging as you can see from the top part. It surprisingly not just makes a pretty lap/throw but looks lovely as a shawl wraparound. Tried lots of different designs to sew them together but found this one worked for me, as you can see its a off angle triangle, if you get my drift? Actually the colours I used are clearer than shows on this photo.

Just the thing to throw over your lap when blogging eh girls!
and even matches new cushions and repainted chair...brilliant.
Must thank once again for her pattern....its lovely.


Doris said...

I love the hexagons and the colours that you've used. I bet it's lovely and cosy!!

Well done!


bellaboo said...

It's really lovely and the hexagons are a nice change from squares.Nice pastel colours too.Looks very soft and warm.


A Country Girl said...

Lovely colours - reminds me a bit of Neopolitan icecream!