Monday, 25 January 2010

One made over rocking chair....done.

Take one drab rocking chair, sitting in the corner, forlorn unloved unwanted...nearly got thrown out a few weeks ago.

Didn't think repainting it would work, then darling hubby tells me use this stuff.

I did one coat as there wasn't heavily coloured varnish underneath and two top coats of eggshell in chalk white.

One unloved rocking chair, now turned into a thing of prettiness. So today I've been sewing cushi0ns for it. Green floral and green spot material from Dunelm Mills.

Brought this panel of material a few weeks ago, love it. So its just been backed onto some cream cotton....actually felt quite guilty today. Mondays is usually housework day....but today I woke up can wait!!!....I'm having a me day... loved it...made a loaf this through my favourite blogs.......rang hubby at work.....watched Loose Women. Did my sewing up of cushions, I'd cut them out previously and now its 4.10 and I need to get dinner sorted...hope you had a good day too. ...what you get up to this grey Monday?


Helen Charlton said...

Watch yourself . . . . this cushion making thing can be very addictive . . . . . . love what you've done with the chair!!

bellaboo said...

Isn't it amazing how paint can transform something! Chair looks lovely and then with the cushions...perfect.I have made a note of that paint as it's just what I need to paint over my rather tired looking pine kitchen cabinet doors.Did you have to sand the chair down first I wonder?


Anonymous said...

That chair is fantastic. I spent this morning trawling charity shops, and found...absolutely nothing. Good for my purse but I am actually looking for some old and unloved bits to paint up myself. I guess I may find something when I'm not actively looking?xx

Doris said...

Fantastic work!! I LOVE the "street" cushion that you made, it looks fabulous!

A Country Girl said...

I have a chair exactly like that but we took the rockers off as the children were always scraping the walls with them! Mine could do with a lovely makeover too - it seems to be a dumping ground at the moment!

annielizabeth said...

So beautiful! I love the library pillow. I left you a comment on your other blog a little bit ago. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to have created something so pretty? Thanks for sharing.