Thursday, 17 January 2013

Romantic Style

Treated myself to above book, what a feast for the eyes!
Dreaming of summer delights to come just one of the beautiful illustrations in this love love it..You can literally loose yourself for a hour or so in this book.
Ah  pure romance eh!
Just the place for afternoon tea.  
Hubby and I popped to Ikea for bits and pieces to finish off our kitchen,  yes we are nearly done.  Will post before and after pictures then. So I spied this most pretty filigree flower pot, just the job for miniature daffs......
Isn't this just wonderful, our windows in our bungalow, drip with condensation.  They are aluminium coated with plastic, no amount of wiping away the water each morning gets rid of it, back it comes.  We knew when we bought the bungalow that the windows were as such but thought we could put up with them for a couple of years.....erm NOOOOOOOOOO!.....the rubber seals hasve gone and just produce black company primed and ready to put in new windows.  Well that is when it isn't too cold and snowy, don't fancy each room being left open to the elements for 5 days.

Monday, 14 January 2013

A touch of knitting

Thought I would show you a knit that I completed autumn last year, its called Autumn Flurries and is a Garnstudio Drops design I think number 113-15.  Karisma is the yarn used, which I bought last February in Tromso, Norway.  I can hardly believe that its nearly a year ago since our wonderful trip on Hurtigruten to see the Northern Lights, ah memories.  But anyhow back to the knit, if your a knitter am sure you will understand when I tell you that the hem was started off with 600 odd stitches for the frill, hmmmm!! how many times did I have to count them before I got it right, now that would be telling but suffice to say more than 5 but less than ten and yes it did get frustrating.  I did ask a couple of people to check the stitches for me but they declined I wonder why?  The yarn is 100%wool and gives lovely stitch definition...and what with the weather being rather "brass monkies" here in good ol' blighty, it is easy comfy and great to wear especially with leggings and some cosy comfy bootie slippers ah bliss....enjoy. x