Saturday, 1 March 2008

All finished...

Well here she is in her glory and boy am I not saying that its not a lovely pattern to knit, but it really is mind intensive. Well I found it so but then again that could be because its only my2nd serious fairisle, although I am rathered hooked on colourway/stranded and all that it encompasses. I suppose for me it is a form of painting and also I don't get bored with it. The yarn is pretty nice too not scratchy and enough hold when the steeks are cut. Don't you find it weird when you have finished knitting...that moment before you wash to block and you think it going to gauge was good but I did hold my breathe a tad..but wonderful I will be wearing it tomorrow.

Anyway in the meantime (top two pictures) I have cast on Lady Eleanor using the gorgeous Noro Silk Garden, what a beautiful yarn this is, first time at doing entrelac but it is a lot of fun....heres first piccy.