Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Yet another knitted tea cosy.

I think I must be on a roll the last few days...yet another tea cosy. Well the real reason being I have lots of oddments of yarn around and thought I really must make an effort to do something with them. But actually at the same time, knitting these cosies has been lovely. This is done in double knitting Rowan and Sirdar. It is called Rosy Posy and is supposed to have twelve roses all together on the top...ah well I plumped for one.
Hubby had today off and we went to our local Ikea...I say local its generally about an hour and 15 mins or so. We have a good browse around and I purchased some cushion seats for my new ladderback chairs, which now won't arrive until Monday due to the inclement weather.
So there was I browsing at everything and lo 'n' behold what did I spy in Ikea............packs of crochet doilies (5 in a pack)....exsqueeze me!!!!!!! but did they not, if my memory serves me right produce an advert a few years ago extoling the virtues of "throwing out the chintz". Hmmmmm!!!


prof en retraite said...

You are so talented! I love the plumped rose on top! Here in Atlanta, 15 minutes away IS local!! lol Can't wait to see your finished project! Are the chairs the last thing to add?...Debbie

Helen said...

Wish I had an Ikea close to me .. mine is about three hours away -- over a mountain pass!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

What a pretty tea cosy. Thank you for sharing your talents. laurie

Caroline said...

Mmmm. Your tea cozy reminds me of chocolate and peppermint...with a little wihipped cream.