Friday, 13 February 2009

My new breakfast room

Woo hoo...I am one happy bunny and pleased with my new breakfast room.
Found this Welcome sign and just adds a touch to one wall...and love the sentimental hanging plaque. I think I will collect some more of these and hang them alongside.

The table just needed a touch oif what better than some artificial countryroad side like berries and such. The lovely vintage type ironwork tray was a snip for £6.00
So here is the room (albeit small) but its cosy and next to the kitchen so I tend to spend my time here during the day etc. As you can see my knitting awaits me on the sofa. The table pulls out from the wall and we can sit 6 and there is a centre leaf for even more....

aren't these just the nicest cushions? I purchased two for now to put on the chairs for the small of your back. Lovely embroidered mugs/cups and jugs.

Lastly my new fire all painted black...much better than than yeuck brass....and one sorrowful looking dog. Oh the two small plates you can see are Johnsons Friendly Village...I'm trying to source this pattern piece by piece at the moment, have a felling its going to take a little while even with ebay.
Oh the before pictures of this room are a couple of posts down titled "Yeuk dust"....all for now.x


prof en retraite said...

Ohhhh! I've been waiting to see it! How wonderful! I love the new cozy! Yes, I would spend a lot of time there, too. I really like the fabric on the sofa. Great job!!...Debbie

Helen said...

Love this little space where you can relax, regenerate and reflect.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

This looks great! I love that Home Sweet Home plaque! Your fireplace looks so pretty, and your dog is so precious! That sofa at the end of this space brightens the entire room, and that coffee cup pillow fabric is perfect. Great job! laurie

Caroline said...

What a cozy scene. I'd never want to leave. I like the fabric on the sofa too.