Saturday, 20 October 2007

Babies are here

What a journey my DD has been on. Well last night me and DH didn't go to bed until gone 1am. Just couldn't settle....then SIL rings at 1.20am and taken his wife (our DD) up to the delivery suite (this being the 3rd time in two weeks) as her BP was rocketing and they were having trouble stablelising it due to the pre-eclampsia. Anyway after a sleepless night of tv watching and cups of tea. He rings at 6.30am and she had been monitored all through the night and the Doctors on their 9am round were going to make a decision as to what to do.
Anyway the babies were delivered today by "C" section at 11.58 baby boy 3lb 6oz and a little girl 4ln half an ounce. They came out pink and crying so thats a good sign. DD still has high BP and is still being monitored....etc....will see them tomorrow but all I want to do is give my DD a great big hug....anyway am off now for some knitting therapy, a large scotch and chocs.

Thursday, 18 October 2007


I'm starting to get a tad bored of my autumn cardi to tell the truth. I have started on the left sleeve and it really is slow going for some reason and have only a third of the stitches than for the body. So what is it that the finishing post is drawer nearer but am running out of steam. I have 3 skeins of wonderful sock yarn that sits staring at me in all its scrummyness going "go on you know you want to pick up those circs/dpns and cast on, have some instant gratification". But I have been so reverting my eyes away...this cardi needs to be finished so I must persevere.

Mind you my mind in all honesty hasn't been with me this evening, its been up the hospital where my preggie DD has lived for the last 21 days due to her very high BP due to pre-eclampsia. Telephone rang early on and its shot up way sky high yet again, they gave her another 1000mg...thans now 3000mg of one tablet plus 60mg of another. Its all very worrying all round but things will be ok.

Have been looking at loads of knitty blogs, goodness me, theres literally hundreds and hundreds. Some I stop at some I flick by, made me wonder what makes a good blog read, pictures, pictures and more pictures. I know I like myself to see lots of finished items etc, but as have written before wonder how some ladies manage to get so much done......whispers in your ears "i reckon they have little elves working away at night to produce the stuff"....sure thats the secret. My blog seems boring at the moment must be to you as it is to me....duh!! Note to myself "NOW MRS. KNITTY LADY YOU REALLY SHOULD MAKE MORE EFFORT IN CLASS"....certainly will try but not now too knackered nighty night. xx

Monday, 15 October 2007

Poems In Colour by Wendy Keele

I have been waiting for this book to fall through my letter box ever since I came across a form of called BOHUS STRICKNING. There is a link to this in my sidebar, although the actual design may at times be dated, I must admit it reminds me of the fairisle yoke jumpers my darling Nanny used to make me when I was a little girl.
The industry first flourished as a cottage industry as relief work to supplement income in the depression of the 1930's and 40's. But reading through the history does indeed make a very insightful read. The objective was to find a product that women could produce at home...and from therein it grew when the organization was officially established in September 1939. By 1950 Boshus Strickning was no longer viewed as relief work or a charity function within Sweden. The business was identified by finely knit angora sweaters. The story continues through the book until the company closed down in 1969. If you find your interested in this I can thoroughly recommend it and hopefully when I have finished by current project The Autumn Cardigan...I am hoping to send off for a kit and I shall perhaps adapt the body part of the garment to fit more snugly and maybe do a roll neck as to a crew neck...but we shall see. Anyway if like me you found this topic fastinating and find yourself being hooked. Good luck have fun and drop me a line I would love to know how you get on .

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Knitting & Stitch Show...London.

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Wow, what a wonderful day out I had Friday, got on coach at 7.30am...arrived London show12ish. spot of lunch, then some shopping. Then went and saw the Rowan Knit Autumn Fashion show, wanted to knit everything I saw. Then next minute it was 4.30pm and back to coach.
Anyway not a very big haul, but nice bits.
Some Touch Wool yarn (the bigger skein)
Natural Dye Studio Skein.
Some lovely handmade ceramic (fairtrade) buttons from South Africa.
Then a freebie crochet kit.
Last but not least Simply Shetland Book 4 at Tomales Bay...have been waiting months for this over here. Have earmarked about 4/5/6/7/ projects. woo hoo me is going to be a busy bee. Love it. Byeee x

Thursday, 11 October 2007

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Autumn cardigan body finished...

Phew, that was heavy going towards the end...never got bored though. Pleased thus far as its the first real colourwork that I have done.
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Then we had the sewing of the steeks, that went ok. As also have never done steeking before, thought would just go for it and not worry about it. So with trepidation I did my first cut, hey! it works...woo hoo. Last picture of cardi now with steeks cut. So am off to pick up stitches for sleeves. I quickly tried it on and is a tad smaller but have been assured by more prolifant knitters that when blocked will be ok. Hope so.

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Thursday, 4 October 2007

New shop......

Wow, have you seen this new on-line shop. How wonderful is this place, have coveted so many other sock yarns from Canada etc and thought no will not send off for any as delivery too expensive. Thanks to Roobeedoo for pointing it out. Go have a looksee, there is this most gorgeous baby jacket Dream in Colour and they are going to put kits together.
But personally I am trying to be good as hopefully off to Ally Pally next week, so saving myself....afraid on the knitting front, not much progress has been made with Autumn Cardigan, too tired going back and forth to hospital to see DD. Also have come down with this nasty sinus/cold virus, its a right bummer. Eyes/nose cheeks head....all hurt, stilkl will go soon...then I can get back to some serious knitting. Also poor Mavis my spinning wheel is sitting there looking at me forlornly with some half spun pink shaded merino on her. Best away byeee....x