Saturday, 31 October 2009

Just a picture speaks a thousand words.

Can you just imagine walking down a country lane and coming across this scene...the sunlight dancing patterns on the little stream. These watercolours I have done laid lanquishing in my folder for the last few years, I just haven't had the courage to put them out. Then I have needed to give my snug a country cottage feel and its so funny all of a sudden they have found a place to live.
Oh I so love this water colour, its my ideal home, I can imagine walking down the snowy lane in the moonlight and opening the door to a roaring log fire, a comfy chair, glass of wine and loads of magazines to read. I thoroughly enjoyed painting this one, in fact its my favourite...its so quintessentially picture of my favourite watercolours that I have even done.

and here they are displayed on my wall together with one other.... a small one of a country stile with poppies abound. I have in the past thrown so much away that I wish I had kept...I'm so glad I kept these. I find that the older I get I much prefer to have things around my home that mean something to me.
Thank you for stopping by, if you fell like saying hi...that would be lovely too.......makes me smile.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Oh!!! do I reeeaaally have to pose......

Ok dahlink...I'm here for my photo session.......Oh! sofa how wonderful a treat for moir....seeming as I'm not generally allowed on here, what a treat. So hows this pose, shall I look snooty?
Or cutesy and puppylike...I know I know I don't look my age. Let me introduce myself I'm Megan and I'm seven.....oh dear look at those ears my Mistress really needs to give them a brush.........MAKE UPPPPPP!!!

Ah the money shot, tilts head stares lovingly into the shoot done, now wheres my biccys.
OK OK don't go on I'm getting off the sofa.....sheesh!!!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Autumns arrived and I've come back to my blog...

Hello.......have been away for some months and had a lovely summer albeit not much sunshine as one would have liked......but MY OH! MY did I enjoy my cruise.....well apart from the two gale force 5's and the one gale force 7....eeeeeekkkkk!!!! sees like water going down a plug hole and yes I'm not afraid to admit I didn't sleep much during the night of the force 7 and did have a little cry as I was a bit scaredycat. The men all slept through it of course, which I found out the following day after talking to other passengers. Anyway a few piccys of autumnal wonderness......oh and my favourite place was Quebec and Quebec City....we went to the falls and cathedral there and visited a lovely maple syrup butter shack....but anyway some lovliness. First photo...Empire State Building New and DH country lane near Quebec where we visited a lovely lady in Chez Marie and I purchased a jar of maple syrup butter which I must say I used to glaze my sausages with back here in gold old England.....3rd photo, well every evening our cabine steward made up a towel in some shape or form, anyway this particular evening we walked in expecting to see it lying on our bed and there it was...a monkey hanging from the curtains....made us laugh. Then photo of our ship Norwegian Jewel....and last but not least some beautiful fall foliage as we sailed up the river into Quebec.........anyway hope everyones keeping well and happy in blog land....ttfn x