Saturday, 31 October 2009

Just a picture speaks a thousand words.

Can you just imagine walking down a country lane and coming across this scene...the sunlight dancing patterns on the little stream. These watercolours I have done laid lanquishing in my folder for the last few years, I just haven't had the courage to put them out. Then I have needed to give my snug a country cottage feel and its so funny all of a sudden they have found a place to live.
Oh I so love this water colour, its my ideal home, I can imagine walking down the snowy lane in the moonlight and opening the door to a roaring log fire, a comfy chair, glass of wine and loads of magazines to read. I thoroughly enjoyed painting this one, in fact its my favourite...its so quintessentially picture of my favourite watercolours that I have even done.

and here they are displayed on my wall together with one other.... a small one of a country stile with poppies abound. I have in the past thrown so much away that I wish I had kept...I'm so glad I kept these. I find that the older I get I much prefer to have things around my home that mean something to me.
Thank you for stopping by, if you fell like saying hi...that would be lovely too.......makes me smile.

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Caroline said...

Oh, you are so talented, I would love to go into that cozy cottage too to drink a nice cup of tea and have a warm scone out of the oven

I just noticed that the treats on your ottoman in your header are knit ones. They're wonderful