Saturday, 9 February 2013


This is the kitchen we inherited with our bungalow.  Some 20 years old but would have been workable for a while except that appliances didn't work set about designing via Ikea website a lovely new kitchen.......ta da!
Ikea stat in off love love it.
This was the previous oh so dated! 1970 sliding door into the original kitchen..........sooooooooo
we decided to do away with it and have a square arch directly into hallway...
Just the job for breakfast for two.....

Appliances from appliances online....great site, good delivery.  Very strange for me using an electric oven as was so used to my Rayburn before but this has different ways to and fan/ top and bottom heating.....everytime I cook I'm having to refer to instructions...
and what kitchen isn't complete without a bit of Cath.
and the kitchen is filled with the sweet scent of hyacinth, even though the heat has pulled them a bit.
Anyways a bit of info for those that might be interested......
Kitchen Ikea Stat
Tiles Laura Ashley Artisan in pale biscuit colourway
Appliances online
Wenban Smith worktop
Am such a happy bunny.......and love the new sink too, but having to be very careful not to drop china into it......hope you enjoyed by show round.......oh! and of course my sweet retro apron made as a present for my birthday by a very clever friend of mine.