Tuesday, 20 November 2012

We're in yeah!!!!!

Oh my goodness, we are at last after 9 months in our new home...yes yes yes. It has been such a ride and one quite honestly that I don't want to repeat for a long long time.  I suppose in the economic climate that we have been fortunate enough to have sold and have found a lovely place to live....more of this in a mo.    Anyway Friday 16th Nov dawned and removal men duly arrived at 8am....everything was packed up by 11am all our wordly goods in 41 boxes it really is such a strange feeling especially as we had been in the "family" home for 18 years.  So by 11.30 am we had heard nothing from Solicitors regarding completion (there weren 8 in the chain) so hubby gave agents a ring "Oh the first time buyers hadn't even completed yet "what the"!!!!!!!!! So there we sat in a empty volumous house, bare of all our possessions the removal men having gone off for lunch with our stuff.....eeeeekkkk.  Then 1pm a very large Pickfords van turns up (the new owners of our house well to be if ever completion was going to take place).  There they sat until 3pm when we had a phone call to say completion had now taken place. Time to say goodbye to our home from home for the last time, yes I did walk around, yes every room held memories, our three girls got married from home.  It was so hard, harder than I had ever imagined, but also tinged with excitement at the next chapter in hubby and my lives, we walked to the front door turned around and say "bye house"....then of course I burst into tears, who'd be a women honestly.  Then of course one of our neighbours came out to say bye bye, strange how life makes people do funny things, this neighbour had always been very aloof however hard I tried, there she was giving me the b iggest hug, bit late now I thought or was it a hug that she was pleased to see the back of me...hehe!
  So we then went and sat in agents waiting for the completion on ojur new home,  I must admit it was the most strangest feeling being albeit "homeless" for the next 35 mins, whilst the monies got transferred.  Then the phone call "yes we can have the keys" woo hoo. 
We duly arrived at new home, key in door....hmmm! first impressions were not as last 3 months previous when we had last visited, the lady was elderly and seems since finding us as her buyers, well really hadn't bothered to erm...shall we say keep it clean.  Dust everywhere, even clinging to the awful anaglypta (ancient) that will soom be coming off.  The windows/sills/ledges were black.
By 11.30pm that evening I was then boohooing yet again...saying to hubby "I want to go home"...bless him he is such a rock and so patient just gave me a hug and assured me all will be find.  So over the last 4 days we are 80% unpacked, light fittings up....windows cleaned, walls/floors vacuumed/kitchen dde-greased and I mean de-greased, took carpet tiles up they smelt...went to Next and bought lots of scent thingys, and thats it so far. ttfn

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

At last, we have exchanged on our bungalow, we thought exchange was going to take place Friday but people couldn't agree on completion dates.  Then Monday we had a phone call to say "yes", the chain was ready to exchange....so we spent all day waiting for the phone call until 3.30pm and it seemed that although the exchange had reached the top of the chain it needed to come back down again.  Our Solicitor said it would finish tuesday, but half an hour later another phone call and they had managed to exchange in total.  So Friday 16th November it is.  So so excited, less cleaning for moi as moving from 4 bed family home to 2 bed bungalow.  We have booked the log burning stove installers to come and do a survey and they arrive on the 17th. We want to replace the old tiled fireplace and open gas fire.  A trip to Ikea was a welcome break today, as woohoo! need a new kitchen too, so all in all hubby and I have a lot of work in front of us but it will be so enjoyable putting our own mark on it.  I was thinking that I might do another blog about our exploits hmmmm! Anyway all for now, lots of packing and sorting to do. Byeeeeee.