Tuesday, 6 November 2012

At last, we have exchanged on our bungalow, we thought exchange was going to take place Friday but people couldn't agree on completion dates.  Then Monday we had a phone call to say "yes", the chain was ready to exchange....so we spent all day waiting for the phone call until 3.30pm and it seemed that although the exchange had reached the top of the chain it needed to come back down again.  Our Solicitor said it would finish tuesday, but half an hour later another phone call and they had managed to exchange in total.  So Friday 16th November it is.  So so excited, less cleaning for moi as moving from 4 bed family home to 2 bed bungalow.  We have booked the log burning stove installers to come and do a survey and they arrive on the 17th. We want to replace the old tiled fireplace and open gas fire.  A trip to Ikea was a welcome break today, as woohoo! need a new kitchen too, so all in all hubby and I have a lot of work in front of us but it will be so enjoyable putting our own mark on it.  I was thinking that I might do another blog about our exploits hmmmm! Anyway all for now, lots of packing and sorting to do. Byeeeeee.

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bellaboo said...

Sounds very exciting! Good luck with the move.We are going through the same thing...busy moving Mum from a 4 bed house to a flat. :0)