Tuesday, 29 May 2007

More rain and some.

Well what a blustery wet bank holiday weekend for all. Mind you quite pleased with my bargain of the day on Saturday.....now am not generally much of a trendy watch person, more the small goldy Rotary type....but popped into TK Max for a bag for my knitting (always good value in there for such things). So walked past the clearance counter and a very different watch caught my eye. A "Storm of London" watch...picked it up price orginally was £120.00 reduced to £25.99 and then £15.00. Couldn't try it on as security tagged....hubby was with me said to him what do you think. "Go for it" he says "at that price you cannot lose". So duly arrived home ripped open and well I am rather chuffed. Not your everyday watch but nice for dressing things up.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hows about this so silly card, just bought for my friends birthday, honestly did make me chuckle.

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and finally a bit of knitting......finished another baby cardi from Sirdar baby knits book no 316...reallly nice basket work...knitted up so quickly. Will add button/toggles or whatever later when baba born as to whether boy/girl.

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Have done about 5 inches of the Bergere De France top but unfortunately had to change the pattern at the bottom. Could I get on with it...frogged the darn thing four times so have changed it to a fishtail lace. Still looks nice though. Will post some piccys later.

Anyway better go and ring my darling Father up now.....Mum is getting poorly by the day...her stomach is now really swelling up with intestinal obstruction and my Father is still in denial thinking that they will take her into hospital and operate. Oh dear....now I need to take a deep breath and ring him...ttfn x

Tuesday, 22 May 2007


So needed a break from all the baby knitting, as lovely as it is...can sometimes feel too much. So went and perused loads of sites and came across this one.


A brand new one with loads of lovely Bergere stuff and the wool is also very reasonable.

So this arrived this morning in a cotton/merino mix, going to sit in the garden with preggie DD and start it this afternoon.

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Monday, 21 May 2007

Oh dear...tagged!

. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.2. People who are tagged write a blog post about their own 8 random things and post these rules.3. At the end of your blog you need to tag 8 people and post their names.4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment to tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Golly need to think about this one.......ok here goes.

I virtually eat the same thing for lunch most days (if at home) thats a slice of toast spread with organic crunchy peanut butter then drizzled with honey....I add some red grapes on the side...washed down with a glass of apple and mango corrella on ice and then a third of a tub of yeo valley organic strawberry yoghurt.

When walking my dog, if I see people speeding in their cars over the speed limit..I mouth at them to slow down when they go past. I don't want to be fish fodder if they lose control and mount the pavement.

I spend far too long on the computer looking at blogs, generally pop in around 10ish with a coffee, only mean to stay half an hour, next minute its 11.30am opsy! duh!!!

Facts are now am in my early 50's, find that I get more frustrated with things....I want to knit more...I want to garden more...I want to cook more. I want me and DH to learn the argentine tango.........I want to go on a Sandals holiday and walk along a deserted sandy beach...NOW......not when I'm really grey and wrinkly.

If I need to spend a penny in the middle of the night I don't like putting my feet down on the floor by the bed as I think someone is going to come out and grab my ankles.......also need to have a hanky under my pillow before I go to sleep.


I have so many cook books.....added up their worth the other day and its about £600.....but only use about 5/6 recipes out of each.

Fact.....I live in the town and when we go for a ride in the country or go away on holiday in the UK......my stomach feels settled, directly we start heading for home and the town I feel it tighten up...one day that move will come.

Only tagging two.....Cheryl and Linda.....(try to do more later)

Friday, 18 May 2007

another one

and yet another one comes off the needles...this was so sweet and easy peasy to make until the last part which was done on circs. Made it in Jaeger baby merino 4ply...a lovely banana colour called buttermilk. The book is Sirday baby knits no 316 loads of lovely stuff in there but tending to me in rather boy dominant colours. The cost was good too £3.19 I think.

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Anyway my week has been spent mostly looking after preggie DD who is still being sick. But it now seems to be mostly up until 12.30....so then she has an ongoing battle in the afternoon to eat anything......and what with all the tears shes crying quite frankly I'm "bleep" knackered. That may sound a bit harsh but trying to keep her nibbling on things...one minute she fancies this and then that, then I get it and she can't eat it....the doctor has laid her off work for another 2 weeks so that will be a month in all. I do so hope this all day stuff passes soon, well she's 10 weeks now and another two she has her first scan. Her poor DH is working hard and he comes and picks her up...sometimes he will stay for dinner.....I feel for him as well, he says he can't even have a cuddle...ah bless!
Anyway so glad its the weekend, think its going to be a rainy one again and those weeds are growing. All for now ta ta x

Monday, 14 May 2007

Hi ya!

Hello peps....its Monday just finished dusting and tidying up after weekend. Not much knitting done as had preggie DD and SIL around yesterday.....and don't want her to see what am knitting. So had to do something and managed to ply up the spun merino that has been sitting around.

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Its luscious fuchsia pink and turquoise blue...but once plyed the colours seem to be a lot darker.
Am still on a very big learning curve re the actual spinning itself. Seem to go along at a nice consistency of thickness and then goes stupidly thin and sometimes stays too thin but have managed to spin this to 11/13 tpi's.

Does anybody else get blogging stress....I see what all gorgeous knits others have managed to knit etc and want to do this pattern/that pattern/use this yarn...buy that fibre sometimes its all toooooo much.
But then the beauty of blogs and of course "forums" is the inspiration it gives you.
I sometimes wonder if I would do so much knitting if I didn't have the camaraderie of other like minded people....and it is lovely to be able to show what one has knitted etc....there is one blog I think Dances with Wolves....and at the moment Lene is doing a beautiful fairisle jumper called Henry...her work is wonderment. I will have a go one day....but for now my knitting time is being used.......laters all x

Friday, 11 May 2007


Where oh where has the sunshine gone.....last night was so chilly...had the fire in...still they do say "don't change a clout till May is out" and we do need the rain.

So how has everbodys week been?..galavanting all over the place I expect if your like me.

So peps I have finished the toy rabbit from Knits for Babies & Toddlers by Fiona McTague.
I'm very glad that I sewed it up as I went along as there are 22 pieces and I think I would have found it a bit of a faff to leave it to the end. But still it was very enjoyable nevertheless. I wasn't sure whether I was going to get along alright as its my first toy that I have ever made...but he has had so much love put into him along the way...he has now a little character all of his own. MyDH was laughing at me the other night as he didn't have his eyes/nose/mouth and I was chatting to him as I was sewing....telling him not to worry...he'll be finished soon. Did the ears in a different cotton to make him look a little brighter (coughs!!! truth is ran out of yarn) but still think it works. He has cloths made in Noro Kureyon...another story with this yarn brought it to do a jumper last year...started it....didn't like it...so that yarn just sat there. Am pleased have found use for it
Couldn't decided what to call him...came out with the usual Flopsy etc...then decided on a name easy for a child so he's going to be called "B".

Anyway ladies I give you in all his glory "B".....

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Thursday, 3 May 2007

My favourite knitting spot!

Was sitting in my garden this afternoon, knitting away....not much to post on this front at the moment..all WIP's...anyway was glancing around my garden and thought, why don't I share it with you. It's not very big, a suburban garden, I dream of a garden with a big swaythe of lawn and beautiful borders looking like a painters palette. I dream of sitting under a tree with my watercolour paints and dollydaydreaming but hey in reality...until those 6 numbers come up. So first picture is of where I sit and knit, its a nice cozy corner, sheltered from the winds and gets very hot, generally my sweet dog Megan is under the chair cooling off. The building to the right houses a spa...which is very therapeutic for aches and pains....wonderful in the winter.

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Then we have a small sitting /eating area on the decking. When we started out on this small plot 13 years ago, there was nothing, we had brought a new house. We decided that it would be nice to make rooms within the garden. DH and I often sit here and have brekky in the summer and dinner summer evenings, it tends to get the sun shine until about 7 pm

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The next photograph is of my cordyline of which I have two, this one is now 18 years old...I bought it for £2.99 and about two feet high, now look at it. Flowers every year, the only thing is with the flowers the bees love them. The other palm, planted in the garden 10 odd years ago and now this year have the first flowers on it (for the life of me cannot remember what the palm is called...anyone help?)

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This oh so beautiful clematis is Mrs. N. Thompson.....isn't the magenta colour scrumptious...

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and and last but not least...the jasmine is now coming out, the scent of this beautiful climber has you brush past is absolutely overwhelming. Shes white which means...amiability....comes fronm the arabic "jas" meaning despair and "min" meaning a lie. The Hindus gave it the beautiful name "Moonlight of the Grove".

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There are a couple of other areas, by the side of the house where I grow rhubarb, I used to have a greenhouse but when we built the extention that had to go...so hope you enjoyed my little showround. So think of me sitting in MY KNITTING SPOT tomorrow and smile. bye for now...me X

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Its only me...

1st May.....pinch punch first day of the month. Time ticks by so quickly.

Well not much agoing on really other than normal day to day living...so afraid this post is a bit boring sorry. Darling preggie daughters morning sickness has kicked in as before but it is all day and she is hardly eating anything...bar a couple of rolls and a few spoonfuls of porridge. Had to look after her yesterday, her face from being sick so much has come out in small spots all over...bless her. Shes putting a brave face on but she is so totally tired. Funnily enough I did have a small feeling that she was going to have bad sickness with her first pregnancy, because unlike her elder sister whos had 3 children and seemed to sail through them, just unfortunate, anyway told her "she's doing the most important job of her life in creating another human being"...I do get a bit peeved when people say "Oh your just pregnant"...excuse me.
No woman is "just pregnant"...when creating a human life.....it is an amazing, overwhelming part of our being.

Anyways a few pretties again...yawn yawn...A beano and booties to go with cardi...
pair of slipper things made with left over sock yarn (Mainewood) and bright green booties made in Sirdar Snowflake I think.

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