Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Its only me...

1st May.....pinch punch first day of the month. Time ticks by so quickly.

Well not much agoing on really other than normal day to day living...so afraid this post is a bit boring sorry. Darling preggie daughters morning sickness has kicked in as before but it is all day and she is hardly eating anything...bar a couple of rolls and a few spoonfuls of porridge. Had to look after her yesterday, her face from being sick so much has come out in small spots all over...bless her. Shes putting a brave face on but she is so totally tired. Funnily enough I did have a small feeling that she was going to have bad sickness with her first pregnancy, because unlike her elder sister whos had 3 children and seemed to sail through them, just unfortunate, anyway told her "she's doing the most important job of her life in creating another human being"...I do get a bit peeved when people say "Oh your just pregnant"...excuse me.
No woman is "just pregnant"...when creating a human life.....it is an amazing, overwhelming part of our being.

Anyways a few pretties again...yawn yawn...A beano and booties to go with cardi...
pair of slipper things made with left over sock yarn (Mainewood) and bright green booties made in Sirdar Snowflake I think.

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