Friday, 18 May 2007

another one

and yet another one comes off the needles...this was so sweet and easy peasy to make until the last part which was done on circs. Made it in Jaeger baby merino 4ply...a lovely banana colour called buttermilk. The book is Sirday baby knits no 316 loads of lovely stuff in there but tending to me in rather boy dominant colours. The cost was good too £3.19 I think.

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Anyway my week has been spent mostly looking after preggie DD who is still being sick. But it now seems to be mostly up until then she has an ongoing battle in the afternoon to eat anything......and what with all the tears shes crying quite frankly I'm "bleep" knackered. That may sound a bit harsh but trying to keep her nibbling on minute she fancies this and then that, then I get it and she can't eat it....the doctor has laid her off work for another 2 weeks so that will be a month in all. I do so hope this all day stuff passes soon, well she's 10 weeks now and another two she has her first scan. Her poor DH is working hard and he comes and picks her up...sometimes he will stay for dinner.....I feel for him as well, he says he can't even have a cuddle...ah bless!
Anyway so glad its the weekend, think its going to be a rainy one again and those weeds are growing. All for now ta ta x

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Roobeedoo said...

Weeds?! Don't talk to me about weeds! Tag - you are it! See my blog for details!