Thursday, 25 August 2011

Knitting...woo hoo!

Hello all, hows things I've been busy doing a bit of knitting after my mammoth crochet blanket...thats now awaiting to go into motorhome for our next expedition away to Wales and then the Lake District Keswick. But back to piccys this is a Louisa Harding top called Cuckoo, it is knitted in 50/50 silk wool and is scrumptiously soft and lovely to wear.

Must admit was a tad worried that it looks a bit like a tunic, what do you think.....too Starship Enterprise!!!!

and knitted me an "ol dears hat"...well thats what I thought when I'd finished it...but again another pleasurable knit done in an afternoon on some wool called Symphony from a company called Garn Studio...lots of freebie patterns and great yarn at great prices. I fluffed the yarn up by using a teasel brush. ttfn x

Friday, 19 August 2011

What a difference a week makes!

Well me hubby and Jenny are well and truly acquainted now. Cannot believe how intelligent she is and a quick learner. Hubby and her are best of friends, she follows him everywhere. We did wonder if this was going to happen as she had been used to a previous lady owner. But he has been gentle and firm in his approach and as any dog owner knows there can only be one pack leader. Actually between you and me its quite good as he gets up to feed her when she wakes up about 6.20am....eeeekkkkk! Gone are our lie-ins. Her coat is coming on very well now. Family and friends have said "even though the lady that had her loved her....but with 5 other dogs she was being rather lives life as a pampered pooch.

I'm camouflaged......x

The kindest most gentle loving eyes!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Come and meet my beautiful new friend...Jenny!

Good morning blogworld, as some of you may know we had to have our beautiful Cavalier Megan to dog heaven some weeks ago and yes we said that we would give ourselves 6 months to see if we wanted another pet.....erm! life has a way of changing things. You see hubby and I felt such an empty place in our hearts and where her basket used to be that last week I tentatively started looking at Cavis again, but something was not right and clicking. You see we'd had two Blenheim cavs over the years and I had the feeling nothing would meet our expectations with another. So we decided to start looking at Spring Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels, the Springers didn't do it for us they seemed a tad too big for us. We then looked at english cocker spaniels, still nearly there but not right. Then

whilst browsing pictures of cocker spaniels I happened upon a picture clicked on it and said to hubby "if we had another dog thats what I'd want her to look like"....hubby turned to be and said the caption read "American cocker spaniel"...what!!!! in my ignorance I had never heard of an American one, so a lot of research and googling was done. Well we started to fall in love with next step look at breeders, ok not a lot of them in the U.K....AND waiting lists.

Then, Wednesday night I happened on a website for breeders and people selling dogs clicked on ACS and there was an advert this lady was selling her 5 month old silver buff ACS....well emailed her and waited a couple of hours no reply, so rang.....had a lovely long conversation....went to see her yesterday Thursday pm...lots of questions on both sides. It turns out that this lady had a Cavi whom had died 8 months previous and she was going to get another until someone talked her into a ACS....BUT!......sadly for this lady but not for us.....she couldn't connect with her and felt it not fair for her to stay with an hour later we left with this gorgeous little girl in my

OUR JENNY....................

Hello everybody...nice to greet you x

Yes I know I'm pretty.

and my new Mummy just had to get me a stripy shocking pink basket....and a pink lead and colour.....good job my new Daddy doesn't mind.

It was so lovely coming down to breakfast and being greeted by such happiness...and that empty place in the kitchen now filled again.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Into crochet?

Are you into crochet? Have you heard of the Japanese Flower Shawl....well I fell in love with this pattern. It was one of those patterns that you could tinker along at your own pace inbetween other projects. I used wonderful Debbie Bliss Andes which has 50% silk and gives a fantastic drape......3 colours 3 purple/2 apple green/1 beige. The yarn is so soft but does have a tendency to slip and separate at times...but nonetheless gorgeous. I will wear this with my burgundy coat in winter. It would also look nice draped around shoulders for evening out.
I made mine 9 flowers long by 3 wide...but it can get as big as you want, even a throw, but maybe I would use a lot cheaper yarn. me and hubby have been out and about for odd trips away in our m/h.
If anybody had told me how much we would fall in love with this type of travel.
To me nothing seems better and more lovely than our own bolthole to go home to at the end of the day.....and as for the bed....the feeling of snuggly down at the end of a busy day. Oh and the best bit of being inside the m/h is when its pouring down with rain and even better a thunderstorm. I know I know!....but that feeling of being in such a small place....I said to my hubby " that if anyone a few years ago had told me I could be so happy in basically a room on wheels that measures 23' by 9'6" I would have laughed by socks off...but it has everything one could want...and you find yourself planning your next trip away.
We spent a few days in Bath last month, just wandering around and have earmarked lots of places to visit next time, one being Jane Austens house, the American Museum with all the folklore stuff in it. We strolled up and down the lovely alleyways in fact you could really be anywhere in Europe....Italy France...only thing that gives it away is the english signs. (Sorry couldn't get piccy turned around).