Friday, 17 August 2007

All of a tither...

Oh I'm so in lurvvveeee....well yesterday went with my DD (whose preggie with twins ) to her 22 week scan. Well in my day we didn't have scans....I was absolutely in awe.....the little girl was sucking her thumb and the little boy was lying next to her....could see their hearts beating and the spines so clearly. Couldn't believe that after seeing this that I could feel such an affinity as their Nanny alls going well thus far her... all day sickness has all but disappeared and she is becoming radiant, her hair is lustrious and shes just great.

Anyways as you can see if joined the Christmas swap...never done this quite
exciting to find out who my swap pall might be. Am already trying to think of original gifts
etc. The logo on my sidebar only links to photobucket for some reason. So back to the Christmas swap.....there seems to be lots of lovely people so far from all around the globe....
hmmmm! what to knit for them...honestly seems funny to be thinking of this on the 17th August....still summer really. HA HA if thats what you call it, this year haven't done half of the things as glass of wine sitting out on a sultry summers looking up at the stars and dreaming....hardly any bbq's...ah welll there has been a plus knitting with hot hands.
Have been perusing the latest Rowan magazine, wow are there some lovely patterns to tempt you BUT the baby knitting is still on the forefront at the moment....except for this bit of spinning and sock knitting...well a girl does need a break at times.

Anyway to interesting stuff....had some lovely alpaca fibre delivered the other day from watercolour as is named is

very pretty its the one on the left the other is called "chocherry" in blue faced leicester.

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So the alpaca spun up very quickly...makes a change for me as a novice spinner and managed to keep the required is very lovely and soft....but I made the mistake of shaking the fibre before I spun and bits flew everywhere....still whats a vacuum for.

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So the finished skein came to about 295 metres.....I must admit I was a tad disappointed as the colourway when spun has become slighted muted.

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But I have just started this pair of am feeling a little bit chuffed that I can actually use it......and the softness is even more so now.
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I notice on my postings that there seems to be gaps at idea why this happens sometimes so ......sorry!....anyway have a good weekend in whatever you do. byeee for now.x


Caroline said...

The waterclolor fiber reminds me of those little pastel mints that melt in your mouth. It's beautiful. Too bad about the yarn itself muting the colors, but it looks very pretty too.

Yarn Sniper said...

Hello and thank you for your comment on christmas exchange. I just wanted to tell you why your photo is only linking to the took me sometime to figure it out myself. Click Edit under that HTML/JavaScript item. You'll see something like < a href and equals sign, a quotation, then the photo host's web address. Delete that then copy and paste the one for the swap and save. It's that easy! You too can become a button making fool like me!

Sounds like you'll be a good Santa, maybe you'll have me or I'll have you :) Good luck and let me know if you have problems.