Thursday, 23 August 2007

Knitting experience.....

I was reading earlier on a blog re knitting experience and at times how through forums and blog reading that one is inspired but seems to me at the same time exasperated. At one time I used to just plod on and off with knitting projects nothing that exciting....just something to do whilst watching television of an evening. But now my expectations of what I want to achieve have seemed to have grown all out of perspective (well thats how my "knitting mojo" feels).

I feel that I would love to really delve myself into something prolific like this...
I would take my time and do inbetweeny projects BUT thats where the problem seems to lie.....I seem to easily get bored and need to cast on something new, which I generally finish, you know the pair of socks, quick hat, mittens. But it isn't feeding my need to actually...not prove to myself of anything like that, well maybe yes there is that underneath but to actually apply myself to not rush it because I want to see it finished. I think I need a knitting project to cherish, something that will inspire me to keep going...whether or not it is the above jacket as yet I don't know. If it was I think I would have purchased it.

Now there is another idea that has been growing in my mind " The Great American Aran Afghan" this excites me....or maybe is it the fact that I do one square at a time in each different pattern....thereby no chance to get bored and then I have the excuse that I can make it as small or as large as I wish....or could I maybe have it as an ongoing project...I keep thinking there are only soooooo many hats/gloves/socks/scarves that I can make. Its the same with the baby knitting...have been enjoying it but have think for the time being am
babied out. Also took a look in M&S...and duh silly me there doesn't seem much knitted stuff
around at the moment. Oh I don't know...ignore me just waffling....oh and then theres anything thing thats bugging me....all the left over yarn...that I keep what for I ask myself.
I thought maybe the best thing is to take it down a charity shop and then it doesn't sit there staring at me asking to be knit into something....yet again something small...honestly does by ruddy head in at times......ok I think I need a button which reads "I'm having a bad knitting day"....maybe tomorrow will be better and then I will know which path I want/need to take..
heres hoping....anyway all for now take
Just tried the link and the darn think doesn't work...anyway the site is Virtual Yarns and its the elizabethan jacket.


Caroline said...

Yes! I've kind of been thinking the same thing about looking at other blogs. For all of the years, that I've knit, I don't have many inspirational finished products to show for it. I too would mostly just like having a project. Now I feel like I need to have works of art!

Michelle said...

Funny we all seem to be maturing into "grown up" knitters at the same time. I have had the exact same thoughts! I actually just started Alice Staremore's Persian Tiles Wrap which I ordered from virtual yarns. But was also eyeing up some other fabulous pieces. AND I have the Great American Aran Afghan book sitting here staring at me. I fell in love with it when I saw the square that the rainey sisters won 1st prize with. Are you sure we haven't me somewhere before?! :)

Cat =^,^= said...

Hi, I followed your comment on the Christmas swap to your blog and loved reading it! You and I are currently using the same template! I too am looking forward to meeting all the new folks through the swap. I hope the questionnaire arrives soon !