Saturday, 1 September 2007

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Well I did say that I needed something to get my teeth into...and first off I have gone for the aran afghan. Well I thought I could prettywell knit anything but this uses the old grey cells. The first square is coming along slow but sure...there is no need to rush this project I will do it as and when I fancy knitting a square, so a few months to 2 years if I did one square a month.

The first square I did try to do was Georgia Vincents, this is one of the more challenging. Well trust me, the first few rounds were hard going as there is 212 stitches on cirs....then things were going along fine, until I decided to switch from following the graph to written. Well they say "pride goes before a fall"...I got into a right pickle before I realized. So that was frogged. So thought maybe better start off on something a tad simpler. So Ginette Belanger it is....lots of cable work, which is fiddly but again once you get going fine.
So as and when will post finished squares on here when complete with any little anecdotes re their knitting.

The yarn is very reasonable Sirdar Aran 80/20 wool at £3.99 the balls are huge 400g.
Have purchased 6 balls, so there should be more than enough. So thats all for now..

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gilraen said...

That is one pretty looking afgan. Good luck with it, I look forward to the progress pics :)