Friday, 28 September 2007

Phew......another update.....ok! now have managed to dry my eyes and steady myself. This morning Worthing Hospital is ringing around Brighton/Portsmouth/Southampton/Queens London for a bed for her as Worthing doesn't have a neonatal unit for babies before 32 weeks or 4lb. Sounds worrying but all will be good please. ( A million zillion trillion times please) It looks like she is going to be the moment as a pre-cautionery measure as her BP is still high and protein still naughty.. The babys are healthy......oh deary me these ruddy tears are coming again...I just want to get to the hospital and hold my darling daughter (anybody got a tissue ). Oh for .........'s sake I know I love her but this hurts like hell. But must get hold of myself and sort out a POA for later on if she has to go anywhere other than Brighton. I know she will be in the best of places for the health of her and the babies but it still feels very scary.I am hoping that this is just a blip and everything calms down. I have just been on a twins forum that I know she reads and strangely it has been quite comforting....I'm glad I read it...I think that is what is helping her.Anyway thank for all for your lovely words of support, it really is lovely. Oh by the way this will make you all grin sssshhhh! don't talk too loud, we could have a convert. I taught her the basics of knitting when she was 12 ...but she never carried on. So bought her "Learn to Knit" some size 4mm needles and a colourful ball of baby wool yesterday. I thought she would just flick through it and put it down, no she thumbed, saw a mitered babys hat got all excited. So I tempted her and said "shall I cast on for you"? No....I'll sit quietly and go through it later.she said. Quick update....last few mins...just heard she's going to Brighton Royal Sussex....thank goodness for that...its only half hour away. Oh I feel a bit easier now...that I know she'll be closer.

Anyway as for my knitting again "what knitting" managed to do four rows this week. Will get back to it soon though, its a good way to relax.


Anonymous said...

Certainly prayers going heavenward for you, your daughter, and the babies. All the best as you wait their greatly anticipated arrival!

a simple yarn

Caroline said...

It always is so exciting to hear that someone is having twins, but I know that there are often some worrisome times with them. My sister-in-law was in the hospital for nearly a month before she had hers. They are now in their mid twenties:)

You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers!

kathryn said...

It's nice to know your daughter isn't too far away and I'm sure both she and the babies are in the very best place. I know how hard it is to feel so helpless. And how worrying for you.

Funny how they can still surprise you isn't it? I had the same sort of experience when dd2 out of the blue last summer asked me if I would get her started with some knitting - like your daughter she'd learnt as a child and then done no more (she's 33 now). I think knitting is quite good for helping lower blood pressure and it certainly is helping Kate through a difficult time.

Fair isle faerie said...

We're thinking of you ! supervised bed rest can do wonders, try & relax a bit granny.


gilraen said...

Keeping my fingers crossed and prayers said that all is well. It is really great if they can be nearby for visits etc.