Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Autumn cardigan update.

Things going ok thus far......managing about 10 rounds at a go. Have to sit at table though as uses two charts. The stitching looks a tad pulled but I don't think that my knitting is too tight have checked this out, I think it might be the yarn as am finding that it does seem to twist back on itself at odd times. This will be settled out when it is washed.

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Actually one part I really like is the increasing up the side...makes it different somehow. Also was not too sure on the background colourway first of all, pleased to say it has grown on me now.

Anyway on a different note....been baby clothes shopping for DDs twins in Pumpkin Patch, just got to share these with you, aren't they absolutely gorgeous. What is so lovely about their range is that you can mix and match, so have got my eye on a few other things to buy later.

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Anonymous said...

Very cute baby things! But I'm REALLY impressed with the cardy progress. It's going to be lovely!