Tuesday, 25 September 2007

2 days...no knitting!

Yes thats correct, I haven't been near my kniiting for two whole days and its been sheer torture.
Why? I hear you ask. I'm cream crackered as have been really busy. Well Monday painted preggie DD's kitchen (as hubby is so busy working) and she was stressing out over it. Bu that was the 3 hours between the hospital visit, which we went to in the morning and then had to go back in the afternoon. So toke the advantage to get the paint pot out. Now shes happy with that.
Then today, I now take her food shopping as she cannot push a trolley by herself, bless her she looks 39 weeks preggie and shes only 28 weeks. So anyway we finish that and then she decides the kitchen needs a complete clean (its that nestbuilding instinct that preggie women get). So obviousaly she cannot do it herself. So I go home unpack my food stuff, a quick lunch then back to hers to clean cupboards/tiles etc. Then she has an original Edwardian tiled floor hallway, this then needs cleaning..phew...so does that too. She in the meantime decided the oven needed doing, so she starts that and I cannot take the sponger etc away from her, then she starts to feel funny, well by now as you can imagine I am getting a tad irrate. So the I'm your Mum thing comes out in me its " I don't care if your a 27 year old adult, STOP IT NOW. sO i get her settled on the sofa with a nice cuppa and bicky. Goes and finish the cooker and all else etc. Walk back to lounge and on the chair is 10 days worth of ironing that shes been meaning to do (but has just been far too tired. Guess what? oh yes so I stand there for two hours ironing. BUT it is done.

Now tuesday I go to a Choral Society, there are 66 and counting members and we are singing
Haydns The Creation...oh boy is it hard and very demanding. We are doing quite a few concerts leading up to Christmas etc, so lots of rehearsals. So it wasn't until 7.16pm that I decided whether I was going this evening (being knackered) sorry language Timothy!!!!
But went and enjoyed myself.
Hopefully will get some knitting done tomorrow between 12 and 2pm when I am sitting with my 84 year old Mum (who has end stage altzheimers) so my Dad can go out for lunch with my brother.
Then Thursday its back to the hospital again with preggie daughter for checks and blood tests......who knows maybe Friday I might find a few hours free for knitting.
I tell you I couldn't keep this up week in week out......it makes me realize that my mind might still think I'm in my 30's but other parts say and scream out "hey girl, your not".
Anyway morning, afternoon, evening, nightnight from wherever part of the world you live.


Karen said...

Hi! Thought I would pop over and see your blog (since you were nice enough to comment on mine, be it ever so out of date). It is really amazing - not only are we the same age and sign, but apparently you are working on a sweater that I am planning on - the Autumn Cardigan. This is the new one by Ruth Sorensen, isn't it? Or is it just another one with leaves? It looks lovely. How did you get the Kauni yarn? Or are you using something else?

Another amazing thing - you are a singer, too. Do you by any chance sing alto, like I do? That would just be too much coincidence.

I hope your daughter and those babies to be are doing well. My children are a fair bit younger - my sons are 17 and 11 and my daughters are 14 and 8.

If you want to chat sometime I can be reached at
karen dot KVL at verizon dot net (I keep forgetting that just because you can get to someone's blog doesn't mean you can discover their e-mail).

Hope you get some knitting time soon - you have been working very hard and deserve some fun!

Viknits said...

You sound insanely busy!!
Those wee baby clothes are gorgeous *is broody*!
You and your Dad are very brave and lucky that you have each other to cope with your Mum's illness. Stay strong together, and with your daughter being pregnant that is something to look forward to!
I too, hope you get some knitting time soon!

Anonymous said...

Gosh I got tired just by reading your post but then some of us work better when we have lots on. I always have lots on and sometimes I don't knit for a week at the time.

I love those baby clothes so sweet!

anthony said...

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