Thursday, 13 September 2007

A bit of worry....but things going OK

As some of you know my DD is pregnant with twins fraternal one boy and one girl...well last week her blood pressure shot sky high. Anyway as a result she has to go twice a week to the hospital for check ups....well I went with her Monday and we saw a lovely midwife and then a registrar...who was lovely but very matter of fact. So matter of fact that she announced to my DD that if her blood pressure didn't go down they would have to deliver.. at some stage earlier and give her stomach went over I looked at my DD she just sat there and we both listened. Now my DD is 25 +2 days...the babies are about 13" long and on weight foir their growth chart....the height of her fundas (which I understand to be the size of her pregnancy tummy ) is the size of a woman pregnant with a single child is 38 weeks. So bless her she is already rather tired and she has been signed off work 3 weeks early. Which is good as she was a Senior Practitioner in child care. The hospital was undecided as to whether to admit her for complete bed rest or give her blood pressure tablets. They decided on the second option.......SO AGAIN today I went with her for todays appointment.
So today we see a consultant...what a thorough nice chap he different from the matter of fact lady. He went through all her notes (oh yes I forget to mention that her liver has been leaking a bit)...but he is not concerned with it and said it will all heal. Thankfully there is no sign of pre-eclampsia, her uric tests are fine. He said that they will carry on monitoring twice a week and that they will up her blood pressure tablets if need be. I mentioned to him about the steroids and he said that maybe they will look at that again in a few weeks, apparently they give it by injection to my DD and it helps that babies lungs to mature (just in case and I say it whisperingly ) they had to come out a few weeks earlier because of her blood pressure. I admire her inner strength...she is very focused and feels very confident...she isn't fretting and says she knows what she has to do to continue "baking" (as she puts it) her babas so I go with her again on Monday to be checked.


kathryn said...

I'm sure you must be very worried although your daughter sounds as if she's coping really well and knows what she has to do.

I had twins - a boy and a girl too- many years ago and had to go into hospital for bed rest when I was not quite 7 months - hospital because I'd already got two other young children. I was allowed to go home after one month and the babies were born that night - still four weeks early. But the bed rest had done its job and they were 5lb10 and 6lb3.

So...plenty of rest and relaxation

Anonymous said...

So sorry you both had this bit of trauma, but very happy that it doesn't require hospitalization! Praying for a safe birthing process for them all!

Juliet said...

I think the worry can often make things worse can't they - your daughter sounds a wonderful person (I love the idea of baking babies) and am keeping fingers crossed that all goes well and they hatch when they are meant to. Do keep letting us know how it all progresses (and show some baby knitting photos! I've just finished a batch of little cardigans for a friend and was just loving the knitting, as my babies are 14,13 and 12), so best thoughts to you and the daughter and the babies - now you all need some rest (yes, even you!)

gilraen said...

Fingers crossed that the twins and your daughter get to stay 'together' for as long as is safely possible.

Every week makes such a difference! :)