Friday, 28 September 2007

27th Sept update...

Ok, now what a day..phew. My DD is in hospital bless her .....went for the twice weekly check up (as lots of you know preggie with twins)...anyway blood pressure was 165/101 pulse 101.....3.5 protein in her urine. Midwife looks at her and says "sorry my love, but your coming in"......then she has the monitor print out thingy...then we go for a scan straight away....the babies are 1130 kg about 2lb 4oz....the birth liquid is still all ok and the umbilical cords are still doing their job of delivery the blood etc. So the problems are thankfully not affecting the babies, just DD. They said they couldn't send her home because of the risk of fitting. (She is naughty you know as yesterday she was out of breathe and kept coughing because of it.)...honestly I don't know what do you do with them.... So anyway taken to ward and settled down, doctors came and spoke to her etc (unfortunately her DH was a good hour away and on job site so he couldn't leave his customer) Doctor says that more than likely they will be born prematurely but (please) let them stay there for as long as possible. So they are for the moment going to take it day by day. She has had her first steroid injection this afternoon and she was on metadopul for the blood pressure but now they are going to give her some beta blockers. Left just after 5 and her blood pressure had settled down. They are going to give her another steroid injection tomorrow.On the scan the babies are laying both heads down, the little girl sideways to her brother at one time it looked like she was kissing his cheek and then another time as if she was lying on his chest. Anyway am keeping everything crossed, and again I salute her she is calm and just remaining she says "I can't do anything else can I Mum" she just looks at me rubs her tummy and says to them "stay there I've not finished baking you yet". So love her to bits.Am so emotional that my babys having babies, silly bleep woman that I am keep choking up. Anyway too tired to cook tonight so my beloved DH has just gone to get take away I've had a loooooooonnnnggg shower, felt like I didn't want to come out, the water was so nice. So all for now laters x

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