Friday, 7 September 2007

I now must show you my other new project.

Well I am in love with this....

It is lovely...the yarn is Kauni and comes in all sorts of shades and graduates as you knit.

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So far I have done the ribbing...cannot wait to get to the exciting pattern. The colours I have used are code EM & EN....the background colours graduates from grey (which I must admit I am a tad disappointed in as it looks slightly dirty grey) then it goes to cream/beige/tan/brown and the foreground is maroon and a gorgeous bright red.

Then I have another project in mind to do this... ...oh just waiting for the book to come in stock.

So all in all as I put in a previous posting...I wanted something to challenge me. Well as my darling hubby said "wow, you've got some knitting in front of you".

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Queen of the froggers said...

Your knitting is looking lovely. the cables in the previous post are fab too!