Friday, 7 September 2007

But then we had a problem..he he

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So there was I sitting in my lounge last Saturday night merrily click clicking away.
Drink hubby asks Oh yes please.
So a nice glass of wine watching TV....all very good....nice wine so had a second.
Now 2 is my limit....therein lies the problem. I've mucked up all the bobbles. Now stop laughing, yes they look all piddled BUT I think it now adds to the character, this blanket is going to take about two years as I have decided to do one square a month. So it doesn't interfere with other wips (and also so I don't tire of it).

So this first square the Ginette Belanger one is saluted by me and presented to you with my memories of that Saturday.

1 comment:

Roobeedoo said...

I like it! Who wants something that looks machine-knit - this has so much more character!