Friday, 28 September 2007

Phew......another update.....ok! now have managed to dry my eyes and steady myself. This morning Worthing Hospital is ringing around Brighton/Portsmouth/Southampton/Queens London for a bed for her as Worthing doesn't have a neonatal unit for babies before 32 weeks or 4lb. Sounds worrying but all will be good please. ( A million zillion trillion times please) It looks like she is going to be the moment as a pre-cautionery measure as her BP is still high and protein still naughty.. The babys are healthy......oh deary me these ruddy tears are coming again...I just want to get to the hospital and hold my darling daughter (anybody got a tissue ). Oh for .........'s sake I know I love her but this hurts like hell. But must get hold of myself and sort out a POA for later on if she has to go anywhere other than Brighton. I know she will be in the best of places for the health of her and the babies but it still feels very scary.I am hoping that this is just a blip and everything calms down. I have just been on a twins forum that I know she reads and strangely it has been quite comforting....I'm glad I read it...I think that is what is helping her.Anyway thank for all for your lovely words of support, it really is lovely. Oh by the way this will make you all grin sssshhhh! don't talk too loud, we could have a convert. I taught her the basics of knitting when she was 12 ...but she never carried on. So bought her "Learn to Knit" some size 4mm needles and a colourful ball of baby wool yesterday. I thought she would just flick through it and put it down, no she thumbed, saw a mitered babys hat got all excited. So I tempted her and said "shall I cast on for you"? No....I'll sit quietly and go through it later.she said. Quick update....last few mins...just heard she's going to Brighton Royal Sussex....thank goodness for that...its only half hour away. Oh I feel a bit easier now...that I know she'll be closer.

Anyway as for my knitting again "what knitting" managed to do four rows this week. Will get back to it soon though, its a good way to relax.

27th Sept update...

Ok, now what a day..phew. My DD is in hospital bless her .....went for the twice weekly check up (as lots of you know preggie with twins)...anyway blood pressure was 165/101 pulse 101.....3.5 protein in her urine. Midwife looks at her and says "sorry my love, but your coming in"......then she has the monitor print out thingy...then we go for a scan straight away....the babies are 1130 kg about 2lb 4oz....the birth liquid is still all ok and the umbilical cords are still doing their job of delivery the blood etc. So the problems are thankfully not affecting the babies, just DD. They said they couldn't send her home because of the risk of fitting. (She is naughty you know as yesterday she was out of breathe and kept coughing because of it.)...honestly I don't know what do you do with them.... So anyway taken to ward and settled down, doctors came and spoke to her etc (unfortunately her DH was a good hour away and on job site so he couldn't leave his customer) Doctor says that more than likely they will be born prematurely but (please) let them stay there for as long as possible. So they are for the moment going to take it day by day. She has had her first steroid injection this afternoon and she was on metadopul for the blood pressure but now they are going to give her some beta blockers. Left just after 5 and her blood pressure had settled down. They are going to give her another steroid injection tomorrow.On the scan the babies are laying both heads down, the little girl sideways to her brother at one time it looked like she was kissing his cheek and then another time as if she was lying on his chest. Anyway am keeping everything crossed, and again I salute her she is calm and just remaining she says "I can't do anything else can I Mum" she just looks at me rubs her tummy and says to them "stay there I've not finished baking you yet". So love her to bits.Am so emotional that my babys having babies, silly bleep woman that I am keep choking up. Anyway too tired to cook tonight so my beloved DH has just gone to get take away I've had a loooooooonnnnggg shower, felt like I didn't want to come out, the water was so nice. So all for now laters x

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

2 knitting!

Yes thats correct, I haven't been near my kniiting for two whole days and its been sheer torture.
Why? I hear you ask. I'm cream crackered as have been really busy. Well Monday painted preggie DD's kitchen (as hubby is so busy working) and she was stressing out over it. Bu that was the 3 hours between the hospital visit, which we went to in the morning and then had to go back in the afternoon. So toke the advantage to get the paint pot out. Now shes happy with that.
Then today, I now take her food shopping as she cannot push a trolley by herself, bless her she looks 39 weeks preggie and shes only 28 weeks. So anyway we finish that and then she decides the kitchen needs a complete clean (its that nestbuilding instinct that preggie women get). So obviousaly she cannot do it herself. So I go home unpack my food stuff, a quick lunch then back to hers to clean cupboards/tiles etc. Then she has an original Edwardian tiled floor hallway, this then needs does that too. She in the meantime decided the oven needed doing, so she starts that and I cannot take the sponger etc away from her, then she starts to feel funny, well by now as you can imagine I am getting a tad irrate. So the I'm your Mum thing comes out in me its " I don't care if your a 27 year old adult, STOP IT NOW. sO i get her settled on the sofa with a nice cuppa and bicky. Goes and finish the cooker and all else etc. Walk back to lounge and on the chair is 10 days worth of ironing that shes been meaning to do (but has just been far too tired. Guess what? oh yes so I stand there for two hours ironing. BUT it is done.

Now tuesday I go to a Choral Society, there are 66 and counting members and we are singing
Haydns The Creation...oh boy is it hard and very demanding. We are doing quite a few concerts leading up to Christmas etc, so lots of rehearsals. So it wasn't until 7.16pm that I decided whether I was going this evening (being knackered) sorry language Timothy!!!!
But went and enjoyed myself.
Hopefully will get some knitting done tomorrow between 12 and 2pm when I am sitting with my 84 year old Mum (who has end stage altzheimers) so my Dad can go out for lunch with my brother.
Then Thursday its back to the hospital again with preggie daughter for checks and blood tests......who knows maybe Friday I might find a few hours free for knitting.
I tell you I couldn't keep this up week in week makes me realize that my mind might still think I'm in my 30's but other parts say and scream out "hey girl, your not".
Anyway morning, afternoon, evening, nightnight from wherever part of the world you live.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Autumn cardigan update.

Things going ok thus far......managing about 10 rounds at a go. Have to sit at table though as uses two charts. The stitching looks a tad pulled but I don't think that my knitting is too tight have checked this out, I think it might be the yarn as am finding that it does seem to twist back on itself at odd times. This will be settled out when it is washed.

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Actually one part I really like is the increasing up the side...makes it different somehow. Also was not too sure on the background colourway first of all, pleased to say it has grown on me now.

Anyway on a different note....been baby clothes shopping for DDs twins in Pumpkin Patch, just got to share these with you, aren't they absolutely gorgeous. What is so lovely about their range is that you can mix and match, so have got my eye on a few other things to buy later.

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Friday, 14 September 2007

Its my puppy....

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Just had to share this, honestly this is my cavi Megan well her favourite toy is this soft puppy toy. She walks around with it in her mouth, so funny. Then if you take it from her, her eyes go wide like seals eyes...honestly if she could talk it would be "its my toy, leave it alone"...anyway hope it brings a smile to you.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

A bit of worry....but things going OK

As some of you know my DD is pregnant with twins fraternal one boy and one girl...well last week her blood pressure shot sky high. Anyway as a result she has to go twice a week to the hospital for check ups....well I went with her Monday and we saw a lovely midwife and then a registrar...who was lovely but very matter of fact. So matter of fact that she announced to my DD that if her blood pressure didn't go down they would have to deliver.. at some stage earlier and give her stomach went over I looked at my DD she just sat there and we both listened. Now my DD is 25 +2 days...the babies are about 13" long and on weight foir their growth chart....the height of her fundas (which I understand to be the size of her pregnancy tummy ) is the size of a woman pregnant with a single child is 38 weeks. So bless her she is already rather tired and she has been signed off work 3 weeks early. Which is good as she was a Senior Practitioner in child care. The hospital was undecided as to whether to admit her for complete bed rest or give her blood pressure tablets. They decided on the second option.......SO AGAIN today I went with her for todays appointment.
So today we see a consultant...what a thorough nice chap he different from the matter of fact lady. He went through all her notes (oh yes I forget to mention that her liver has been leaking a bit)...but he is not concerned with it and said it will all heal. Thankfully there is no sign of pre-eclampsia, her uric tests are fine. He said that they will carry on monitoring twice a week and that they will up her blood pressure tablets if need be. I mentioned to him about the steroids and he said that maybe they will look at that again in a few weeks, apparently they give it by injection to my DD and it helps that babies lungs to mature (just in case and I say it whisperingly ) they had to come out a few weeks earlier because of her blood pressure. I admire her inner strength...she is very focused and feels very confident...she isn't fretting and says she knows what she has to do to continue "baking" (as she puts it) her babas so I go with her again on Monday to be checked.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

First row of leaves

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Phew, well thats the first row of leaves done. Was quite intense at the beginning as I was seeming to knit the yarn across a tad too tight...but am and have hopefully managed to find my way through this. It is slow progress but I have to remember that I am knitting the back and front at the same time. The steek stitches are at the back...I am not looking any further forward other than the next part to knit. I have however read the pattern through several times before I started to understand everything. The yarn is strange I think it maybe the background colourway that I have chosen, on the photograph it is coming out better than in I hope the further I knit the better the change.....anyway my Autumn Leaves cardigan calls.
See ya x

Friday, 7 September 2007

I now must show you my other new project.

Well I am in love with this....

It is lovely...the yarn is Kauni and comes in all sorts of shades and graduates as you knit.

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So far I have done the ribbing...cannot wait to get to the exciting pattern. The colours I have used are code EM & EN....the background colours graduates from grey (which I must admit I am a tad disappointed in as it looks slightly dirty grey) then it goes to cream/beige/tan/brown and the foreground is maroon and a gorgeous bright red.

Then I have another project in mind to do this... ...oh just waiting for the book to come in stock.

So all in all as I put in a previous posting...I wanted something to challenge me. Well as my darling hubby said "wow, you've got some knitting in front of you".

Ok the cabling's ok

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So on my first square for the Great American Aran afghan the cabling came out ok.

But then we had a problem..he he

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So there was I sitting in my lounge last Saturday night merrily click clicking away.
Drink hubby asks Oh yes please.
So a nice glass of wine watching TV....all very good....nice wine so had a second.
Now 2 is my limit....therein lies the problem. I've mucked up all the bobbles. Now stop laughing, yes they look all piddled BUT I think it now adds to the character, this blanket is going to take about two years as I have decided to do one square a month. So it doesn't interfere with other wips (and also so I don't tire of it).

So this first square the Ginette Belanger one is saluted by me and presented to you with my memories of that Saturday.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Christmas swap around the world questions.

1.Are you religious?
Religious to the effect that I like to think there is something there...but I don't attend church (except on the 3 occasions)..I think that ones beliefs etc are within ones soul. But then again the older I get the more I think.

2.How long have you been kitting? Would you consider yourself a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced?
Oh have been knitting since my Mum taught me at 13 years old...coming up 40 years odd..but have had big breaks in betweeen. Erm I suppose I consider myself a intermediate leaning towards advanced..only because in the last couple of years I have started to venture towards different aspects of the craft.

3.Do you have any other hobbies besides knitting?
Not that I do much now, I suppose they go with the arty/crafty umbrella..watercolour/pastels.....cross stitch/tapestry....sugarcraft but as I put haven't done any for a few years now.

4 Favorite color(s)?
Oh colours that suit me..used to love red but now find the colour is too harsh for tend to stick to beiges/caramels/creams/off whites. But favourite colours I suppose are turquoises and autumnal colours.

5.Do you collect anything?
Oh thats an easy one "No.
6. Are you allergic to any fibers or animals?
Another easy one "No.

7..Do you have any pets?
Oh yes have a gorgeous blenheim (white/tan) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called
Megan who is 6 years old...she is a real poppet.

8. Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?
Oh all three but more tea then coffee..the occasional chocolate.

9.Cookies or Sweets?
Oh scrumptious oat cookies with raisins/sultanas/cranberries...yummy.

10. Do you knit socks?
Esqueeze pigs fly...oh course....da da.
If not socks then what? (tell us about your favorite knits)

11.Do you put up a Christmas tree? If not then what do you do?
Oh definitely yes.

12.Favorite holiday treats?
Mince pies and special chocolates.

13.Favorite holiday smells?
Oh got to be a real Christmas tree and yankee candle Christmas votives.

14.Do you celebrate Christmas in a traditional or unconventional way? Please elaborate.
Definitely traditional....with all the trimmings. Still carry on the way my Mum and Dad did things with us. We always wait until washed and dressed before pressie opening time...then its me off to the kitchen with hubby by my side. I think for me though Christmas is the build up...the buying of pressies, getting the house ready. I seem always to get very choked always brings back cherished memories of my own childhood and how quickly time flies....also never forget what the meaning of Christmas is about...thats important.

15.What are your favorite holiday traditions?
Having roast turkey sandwiches for supper, even though your still stuffed from dinner.

16.Finish the sentence: “For me Christmas is all about....”
family and being together in the spirit and joy of the season.

17.If you were a Christmas ornament you would be…….?
A big round red sparkly Christmas ball hanging on the tree.

18.What was your favorite gift you've ever received? Or given?
Oh now thats a difficult received well grown up children always ask me what I would like. So generally cooking books.

19. When do you start your Christmas?
When the Christmas tree goes up.

20.Do you send Christmas cards? Do you make them or buy them?
Yes I send cards and I buy them.

21.What is your favorite Christmas dish?

22.Carolers are at your door. What do you do?
I generally open the door and listen to them singing for a while...sometimes ask if they're collecting for any charity.I then thank them and give them some money. Saying that cannot remember last time we had them around here.

23. When do you open presents? Christmas eve or Christmas morning?
Christmas morning.

24. Do you celebrate with family or friends or both?
Just family.

Well thats my questions done....this is great fun and soooooo exciting, really look forward to getting my swap pal. Take care...Teresa xxx

Saturday, 1 September 2007

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Well I did say that I needed something to get my teeth into...and first off I have gone for the aran afghan. Well I thought I could prettywell knit anything but this uses the old grey cells. The first square is coming along slow but sure...there is no need to rush this project I will do it as and when I fancy knitting a square, so a few months to 2 years if I did one square a month.

The first square I did try to do was Georgia Vincents, this is one of the more challenging. Well trust me, the first few rounds were hard going as there is 212 stitches on cirs....then things were going along fine, until I decided to switch from following the graph to written. Well they say "pride goes before a fall"...I got into a right pickle before I realized. So that was frogged. So thought maybe better start off on something a tad simpler. So Ginette Belanger it is....lots of cable work, which is fiddly but again once you get going fine.
So as and when will post finished squares on here when complete with any little anecdotes re their knitting.

The yarn is very reasonable Sirdar Aran 80/20 wool at £3.99 the balls are huge 400g.
Have purchased 6 balls, so there should be more than enough. So thats all for now..