Monday, 24 December 2007

Well hello if you have stopped by, sorry that there has not been much going on here lately but been very very busy helping daughter with the twins. They are growing very this Nanny and Pops are sure looking forward to lots of cuddles this Christmas.

Well its now 3.30pm on Christmas Eve and have just picked DH up from work as he finished early. I spent the morning sorting out the veg for tomorrow and roasted my potatoes aka...Jamie Oliver...with rosemary and garlic cloves, they have kturned out very well. Also made the Cranberry Sauce with 400gms cranberries 200gms caster sugar...juice of nearly two oranges, used juice of two before and was a tad tart....added a splash of port cooked 8-10 mins and scrummy.....done ready for that ol' turkey bird...also frozen some to go with ice cream. Whilst doing cooking this morning had the TV on and watched "Jack Frost" that film so magical at the end, brought a right lump to my throat and tear to my eye.

Had a wonderful Saturday evening...the Choral Society that I sing with had our Christmas evening and we sang.......Balulalow...A Spotless Rose.......Lully Lula..Sans Day Carol....Sir Christemas and Benedicamus Domino......whooah!!!
I tell you there was plenty of harmony singing for me to get into as I sing 1st alto, sometimes wish I sang soprano and then could just sing the tune. Anyway it was a happy evening and we had audience participation with a medly of popular Christmas songs, Winter Wonderland, Sleigh Ride etc.....really put me in the spirit. So dear readers thank you for coming and looking reading, commenting etc and I will say...will leave you with a piccy of my Christmas table that I have just laid up.



Caroline said...

Happy New Year! Your holiday table looks lovely.

kathryn said...

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and Wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy 2008 :)

monique said...

Happy New year!!!
I have been trying to post a coment but our computer just wouldn't let me.
But finally I made it.
I have placed your present under the christmas tree and I waited untill christmas morning with open it. It was hard Ü especially for my kids woh where dying to see wat was in it Ü.
It is absolutely a lovely package, the scarf you knitted is so lovely and I can't wait to start knitting some mittens. The dishcloth is lovely and the chocolate was very tasty.
So thank you very, very much for all the great thinfs you send me!