Thursday, 23 August 2007

Knitting experience.....

I was reading earlier on a blog re knitting experience and at times how through forums and blog reading that one is inspired but seems to me at the same time exasperated. At one time I used to just plod on and off with knitting projects nothing that exciting....just something to do whilst watching television of an evening. But now my expectations of what I want to achieve have seemed to have grown all out of perspective (well thats how my "knitting mojo" feels).

I feel that I would love to really delve myself into something prolific like this...
I would take my time and do inbetweeny projects BUT thats where the problem seems to lie.....I seem to easily get bored and need to cast on something new, which I generally finish, you know the pair of socks, quick hat, mittens. But it isn't feeding my need to actually...not prove to myself of anything like that, well maybe yes there is that underneath but to actually apply myself to not rush it because I want to see it finished. I think I need a knitting project to cherish, something that will inspire me to keep going...whether or not it is the above jacket as yet I don't know. If it was I think I would have purchased it.

Now there is another idea that has been growing in my mind " The Great American Aran Afghan" this excites me....or maybe is it the fact that I do one square at a time in each different pattern....thereby no chance to get bored and then I have the excuse that I can make it as small or as large as I wish....or could I maybe have it as an ongoing project...I keep thinking there are only soooooo many hats/gloves/socks/scarves that I can make. Its the same with the baby knitting...have been enjoying it but have think for the time being am
babied out. Also took a look in M&S...and duh silly me there doesn't seem much knitted stuff
around at the moment. Oh I don't know...ignore me just waffling....oh and then theres anything thing thats bugging me....all the left over yarn...that I keep what for I ask myself.
I thought maybe the best thing is to take it down a charity shop and then it doesn't sit there staring at me asking to be knit into something....yet again something small...honestly does by ruddy head in at times......ok I think I need a button which reads "I'm having a bad knitting day"....maybe tomorrow will be better and then I will know which path I want/need to take..
heres hoping....anyway all for now take
Just tried the link and the darn think doesn't work...anyway the site is Virtual Yarns and its the elizabethan jacket.

Monday, 20 August 2007

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Phew sat down this afternoon...actually found the time...3 hours to sew this up and weave the ends in...have to be good with this part as tend to me impatient...cannot say its the part I enjoy...but all part of the process. So its the Sirdar jacket form Baby Knits book has knit up big for 0-3 months....very strange because some of the other patterns knit up for their size etc...Checked tension and all more like 3-6 months...still it will be used...and going to buy some cute litte trousers and a t shirt to go under to make a complete outfit...oh and seen some lovely little booty things with teddys on.

Sunday, 19 August 2007


Hmmm...this is my small knitting book collection. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket There are hundreds out there that I would like to purchase but quite honestly I seem to only knit one or two items from each one. Most of the time I like to read through for inspiration etc....actually my favourites are....

Folk Mittens

Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook (find this book exceptionally helpful with my own spinning for sock wool etc

Knitters hand book (even though been knitting for years, still find this helpful at


also in my collection

Victoria Lace Today (where would we be without this inspiration)

Knitting Lingerie Style

Best of Knitters Shawls and Scarves

Couture Knits (now there are quite a few that I am tempted by in this book

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Anyway what else have I been up to...oh yes that a few balls of Sirdar (do you know what for the life of me cannot remember its name...sure some of you will recognize it and so have started this circular shrug pattern that I found on quite a way to go but I sit and do a bit whilst perusing knitting blogs etc...
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and then last but not least SPINNING....well whats a girl to do...this is the bfl in chocolate cherry...more cherry than chocolate though but its ok.
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Don't you just wish there were more hours to you your hobby....grrrrr! But DH has just taken dog out for walk and then we're off for a coffee somewhere. xx

Well have just come back...and guess what never got for the coffee....went for a drive in the country and lo and behold a roadside area of lovely blackberries...well strictly speaking through the farmers gate and around the corner in his field....loads of I was very careful not to annoy the ol' waspies after all they were there first. I tell you blackberrying takes me soooo back to my and my two younger brothers vying the the biggest and fattest...mind you sometimes more went into our mouths...used to tease my brothers that they were wearing lipstick....isn't it strange everything seems so much better when your young. Now these blackberries are of a ok size but not magnificent like they used to be or is that just my memory....anyway they will come in very useful for dinner next Friday...a good old fashioned roast chicken and apple and blackberry pie.

Friday, 17 August 2007

All of a tither...

Oh I'm so in lurvvveeee....well yesterday went with my DD (whose preggie with twins ) to her 22 week scan. Well in my day we didn't have scans....I was absolutely in awe.....the little girl was sucking her thumb and the little boy was lying next to her....could see their hearts beating and the spines so clearly. Couldn't believe that after seeing this that I could feel such an affinity as their Nanny alls going well thus far her... all day sickness has all but disappeared and she is becoming radiant, her hair is lustrious and shes just great.

Anyways as you can see if joined the Christmas swap...never done this quite
exciting to find out who my swap pall might be. Am already trying to think of original gifts
etc. The logo on my sidebar only links to photobucket for some reason. So back to the Christmas swap.....there seems to be lots of lovely people so far from all around the globe....
hmmmm! what to knit for them...honestly seems funny to be thinking of this on the 17th August....still summer really. HA HA if thats what you call it, this year haven't done half of the things as glass of wine sitting out on a sultry summers looking up at the stars and dreaming....hardly any bbq's...ah welll there has been a plus knitting with hot hands.
Have been perusing the latest Rowan magazine, wow are there some lovely patterns to tempt you BUT the baby knitting is still on the forefront at the moment....except for this bit of spinning and sock knitting...well a girl does need a break at times.

Anyway to interesting stuff....had some lovely alpaca fibre delivered the other day from watercolour as is named is

very pretty its the one on the left the other is called "chocherry" in blue faced leicester.

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So the alpaca spun up very quickly...makes a change for me as a novice spinner and managed to keep the required is very lovely and soft....but I made the mistake of shaking the fibre before I spun and bits flew everywhere....still whats a vacuum for.

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So the finished skein came to about 295 metres.....I must admit I was a tad disappointed as the colourway when spun has become slighted muted.

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But I have just started this pair of am feeling a little bit chuffed that I can actually use it......and the softness is even more so now.
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I notice on my postings that there seems to be gaps at idea why this happens sometimes so ......sorry!....anyway have a good weekend in whatever you do. byeee for now.x

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Came across this website last night..... it and thought what a lovely idea. Have never signed up for a swap before....but this so had my imagination sent my email....and eagerly awaiting my reply.
Cannot wait to receive my questionnaire and find out who my pal will be, already thinking what gifts etc. Knitting coming on apace will post piccys soon if two finished baby jumpers...actually need a rest from baby have some lovely fibre coming in BFL and alpaca to spin. Have booked for a Knitting and Stitching show in October at Alexandra Palace in London....never been off on my own on the coach. There are about 399 odd exhibitors, so will be taking plenty of money with me. Honestly have been such a good girl of late and buying no stash, quite honestly its been excruciating hence treating myself to some fibre.....I must I must I must resist....'til October.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Guild day...

Well today was Guild Day.....this is about my 4th time I think. Very interesting with lots of advice from people in the know regarding all aspects of spinning, dyeing and weaving. It was a skills day and one lady was showing needle felting...looks fun specially with all the stabbing of the fibres going on. They were making lovely flowers and leaves etc.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketat Photobucket">
....and a table laid out with every glorious colour...scrummy.
I so easily could have been tempted by this but don't really want to add another crafty type hobby to my spinning, find I haven't enough time in the day of week for that matter for all that I wish to do.

One lady brought this gorgeous thick knit jacket along for a looksee, it is spun Gotland as far as I understand and weighs quite a bit, pity we don't seem to have the weather much anymore to do it justice. Just imagine the amount of spinning hours put in the make this.
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Then out of interest I toke a piccy of two Lendrum spinning wheels. Mine is the lighter coloured one and is now about 8 months old and the other one 8 years old. Hasn't it mellowed to a beautiful hue.
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As for me, spent the day doing a bit of knitting on two different items, a bit of spinning, a lot of chatting and of course drinking tea. I think in September some members of the guild are demonstrating at a local sheep fair near here. I might go along and sit and do a bit of spinning, whether or not I fancy people peering over my shoulder is a different matter but we shall see....anyway all for now.laters x

Monday, 6 August 2007

Baby beanies...

Enjoyed doing these as they just knit up so quickly....the back left two tone in pink is done in Garn Studio alpaca and my own hand spun which is the cream stripe. The blue one is my own handspun bfl. The front two the pink and the two stripe blue one are Sirdar snuggly.

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/a>Currently am working on this lovely little boys jacket ...doing 0-3months in Debbie Bliss cash merino.

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and a close up of the mixed knitting...this is a lovely and very easy way of incorporating colourways.
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Thursday, 2 August 2007

Just a quickie...

Hi ya, hows everyone, cannot believe this week has just flown by, good news is that DD whose preggies and SIL found out the sexes of their twins. One boy and one thats my knitting sorted out. At the moment I have a fuschia pink baby wrap on the needles...a baby beanie in blue and I am currently knitting for me (way to go) a circular snug in colours of moss green and brick red...doing ok so far.....then postie is bringing me some chocolate coloured merino and I have a lovely pattern for baby boys jacket in three colourways, will get piccys up when things have moved on a bit.

Anyway am absolutely cream cracked today, still going through "the menopause" the moment sleep is eluding me...I drift off alright then wake up about every two hours...then would you believe it my best sleep is from 6am to 7am...I will get through this...notice skin is changing and hair seems to get dryer, so plenty of good old conditioner and trips to the hairdressers.
Anyway more interesting bits later byeee for now x