Saturday, 11 August 2007

Guild day...

Well today was Guild Day.....this is about my 4th time I think. Very interesting with lots of advice from people in the know regarding all aspects of spinning, dyeing and weaving. It was a skills day and one lady was showing needle felting...looks fun specially with all the stabbing of the fibres going on. They were making lovely flowers and leaves etc.
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....and a table laid out with every glorious colour...scrummy.
I so easily could have been tempted by this but don't really want to add another crafty type hobby to my spinning, find I haven't enough time in the day of week for that matter for all that I wish to do.

One lady brought this gorgeous thick knit jacket along for a looksee, it is spun Gotland as far as I understand and weighs quite a bit, pity we don't seem to have the weather much anymore to do it justice. Just imagine the amount of spinning hours put in the make this.
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Then out of interest I toke a piccy of two Lendrum spinning wheels. Mine is the lighter coloured one and is now about 8 months old and the other one 8 years old. Hasn't it mellowed to a beautiful hue.
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As for me, spent the day doing a bit of knitting on two different items, a bit of spinning, a lot of chatting and of course drinking tea. I think in September some members of the guild are demonstrating at a local sheep fair near here. I might go along and sit and do a bit of spinning, whether or not I fancy people peering over my shoulder is a different matter but we shall see....anyway all for now.laters x


Caroline said...

Ive been intrigued by needle felting lately too. But I'm with you, like I need another hobby! I love the colors they're using though!

Scottishf said...

Wow I love the jacket, but would be too scared to wear it after all that work!

Queen of the froggers said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog! Yes, I met Evie and there is a picture of her on my blog (did she see it?) in the post about the rare breeds show. Lovely ladies at your guild. I just don't have time to attend things like that at the mo which is a shame.