Thursday, 2 August 2007

Just a quickie...

Hi ya, hows everyone, cannot believe this week has just flown by, good news is that DD whose preggies and SIL found out the sexes of their twins. One boy and one thats my knitting sorted out. At the moment I have a fuschia pink baby wrap on the needles...a baby beanie in blue and I am currently knitting for me (way to go) a circular snug in colours of moss green and brick red...doing ok so far.....then postie is bringing me some chocolate coloured merino and I have a lovely pattern for baby boys jacket in three colourways, will get piccys up when things have moved on a bit.

Anyway am absolutely cream cracked today, still going through "the menopause" the moment sleep is eluding me...I drift off alright then wake up about every two hours...then would you believe it my best sleep is from 6am to 7am...I will get through this...notice skin is changing and hair seems to get dryer, so plenty of good old conditioner and trips to the hairdressers.
Anyway more interesting bits later byeee for now x

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