Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Comments back!

Tra lalallalalalalala oh what a happy bunny am I, I've had 2 comments back and it feels really nice, because one always wonders if stuff is read...so thats just perfect "thank you". Anyways peps, its raining....and guess what Dh is home for the day and has just cleaned the windows. Now come on don't laugh its not funny, is it??

Have just found out that eldest daughter no 3 who is expecting their 3rd child, is going to have a boy, they already have two girls....so it looks like the knitting nearer the time will be blue or...or? could do a riot of colours with some sock yarn woohoo! the yarn worlds my oyster!!!!....but have other wips in progress at the mo, she's only six months so time yet.

On a different note have finished one of DH socks well me thinking I can take short cuts, decided this time not to put the PM in before I started the toe, well serves me right it is now slightly off kilter, only my about 3 stitches no less, but still off, he'll just have to sit with a twisted foot....now if I can only get the 2nd one to match.....haha. So happy thoughts to one and all, hope you have or have had a good day....byeeeee for now xxx look 3 x's today...feeling generous...heheh


120086648 said...

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Magenta said...

I shouldn't worry too much about the twisted foot Knittings Nice, tell him they're a totally unique design just for him ( I can't think of the world I'm looking for, don't you just hate that lol)